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Naseem Javed is a corporate philosopher, world-class speaker, author and Chairman of Mentorian Worldwide; a think tank on Image Supremacy of Innovative Excellence & Entrepreneurial Leadership. A recognized authority on global digital trends, image complexities how they impact ...more


Elections, Elections & Elections
The world’s most dramatically engaging, expensive and time consuming election of USA is now unfolding; while the world awaits a mega global financial collapse also arrives at the precipice.
Kill Trade Wars, And Start Skills Wars
Trade wars are mostly failures but skills wars create superior performance and bring grassroots prosperity, but how?
Economical Metamorphisms: 2020
The economical metamorphosis will begin with new terminologies, new measurements and most importantly with the delivery of "truth"-- all the time with full digital access.
Global Age Challenges Post-Oil Economy & National Exports
The new global landscape has dramatically changed and exportability of goods and services with boundary-less innovative entrepreneurial excellence is becoming the new phenomena.
Google Plays Against The Name Game Rules
Being Google, any name chosen for its new parent company would have created as much frenzy as 'Alphabet' has. But while 'Google' was certainly unique, 'Alphabet' is anything but. What's behind this name game?
Global Age & New Laws
The hyper accelerated world has changed in every aspect impacting everything around our work and lifestyles. So how has this ‘global age’ created its own new global age laws of business expansion and how do they apply to our new existence?


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Latest Posts
Arrival Of The Age Of Tolerance
Today, Age of Abundance is a useless notion: The fact that there is too much replication of inferior ideas now overflowing and drowning us in mediocrity the age of abundance is useless notion. It’s not the abundance of news; it’s same news million of times over.
Worldwide: Common Sense Revolutions Have Started
Mankind is hardwired to understand darkness. That is why the light bulb was invented. Technological advancements helped to provide light, but when brightly lit chandeliers starts creating even more darkness, only common sense that will enable us to find the way out.
Age Of Abundance & President Trump
Successful Trumpization of America and the revival of American entrepreneurialism at grassroots levels across the nation will send to the world two powerful messages...
AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: Are We Really Smart Enough For 2017?
Everyone is shouting about how dramatically the global world of commerce has evolved, changed and moved forward, but how about us and our own smartness?
Innovation, Suffocation & Trump Nation
Innovation at best is like a water sprinkler on a nice healthy plant, making it grow and blossom; however, sprinkling without the plant is just like watering sand. Nothing happens.
The Seven Dwarfism Of 2017
The world economy is passing through the eye of the needle and in most places appears barren or at a complete standstill.
The Great Unemployment Flood Of 2020
When 2020 gets here, we will find that the corporate world will be drowning in the greatest flood of unemployed executives of all time due to highly advanced and very timely “block-chain” technology and brand new digital procedures.
Make India Shine
Prime Minister Modi of India is charging ahead towards global age thinking, and he is catapulting India in the global age spotlight. It is India’s vision to reach image supremacy of innovative excellence and to master nouveau entrepreneurialism.

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Concordia University


Image Supremacy
Naseem Javed
MetroState Syndicate

WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF IMAGE SUPREMACY: Some 200 nations on the global stage are currently engaged in the struggle of image superiority. Some are winning and some are losing. In that world of supreme power brokers, there are two types of games that are being played. The first is the organized agenda for image supremacy and the second is the loose-ended agenda for image mediocrity

The power-broker teams in pursuit of image supremacy agenda continually enjoy the benefits 
and outcome of the games, while the image-mediocrity power-broker teams remain oblivious 
to the image supremacy and rules of the game. 

Image Supremacy is for all people, but more so for those people with unique ideas and 
special agendas,tight timelines with specific national and global targets.

Domination, the gTLD name game
Naseem Javed
MetroState Syndicate

The global naming complexities, how to win or lose brand visibility, hidden powers of ICANN gTLD, the new art of market domination via name identity...

Naming For Power
Naseem Javed
Linkbridge Publishing

First ever book by 1993 written on corporate nomenclature addressing the centrality of business naming issues. It outlined, classified and defined the types, styles, trends, success, pitfalls and corporate culture towards naming. The book was well received around the globe and went in 4th printing, created a healthy debate on naming issues and provided fresh education. It also created the trends and formulated the recognition of naming as a most critical issue of business communication. The popularity of the book also helped in creating tens of thousands naming consultants during the dot com e-commerce boom. Still in libraries of trademark law firm and agencies around the world the book is out of print. Although the naming trends have drastically shifted and markets have changed this book still provides a rich overview and a point of reference on the period.