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AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: Are We Really Smart Enough For 2017?

Date: Sunday, January 8, 2017 11:45 PM EDT

AMERICAN LEADERSHIP: Are We Really Smart Enough For 2017?

Everyone is shouting about how dramatically the global world of commerce has evolved, changed and moved forward, but how about us and our own smartness? Victory constantly surrounds all of us all the times and taps us to open up and become victorious...let’s open up and test our own smartness, here are the seven tests, but firstly…

FACT: The world has already awakened; innovative excellence and supremacy of entrepreneurialism is now poised to quadruple exportability of goods and services and create massive local and national prosperity. The change itself has answered. The Greece, Brexit, Trumpization, and Italy are not accidents but multiyear silent cries of the populace now becoming audible. Deniers are being wiped out at polls. Many more regime toppling elections are underway. 

FACT: In some 1000 days we will arrive at 2020; looking back from that vantage point, 20 years ago, in 2000, we basically began the start of the 3rd millennia. Since that time on the economical fronts, all across the world and especially in developed economies, little or no actual progress outside sky high towers of debts and failing programs was made.

FACT: A new metamorphism is unfolding; form the leadership old non-stop synchronized rhetorical mantras have lost their rhythm while the deep silence on critical questions is no longer a trajectory for truthful answers. A new common voice and a new language is emerging

FACT: New tests are being applied.  All of us players all over the world claiming to be working on achieving supremacy of innovative excellence and quadrupling exportability fronts must pass the new test of smartness.  These tests will indicate our global age skill demands.


The Crown: To crown our civilization with the highest award of supremacy of innovative excellence there is only one single achievement of mankind that surpasses all the other earth shattering advances of the last 2000 years, from firecrackers to a-bombs, steam to stealth flying wings or abacus to tablet.  Nothing comes even close to the power and value of what society recently invented and what its summative functionality that is referred worldwide as the internet.

It’s most powerful in the right hands and can bring governments and super powers to their knees

It’s most beneficial to the entire global populations and it provides economical growth

It’s easy to use, free, global and always alive, constantly growing, unstoppable and omnipresent

It’s the ultimate assembly of ‘knowledge’ and ever instantly delivered in usable form by Homo-erectus

As a direct beneficiary of this, the greatest gift from America to the world, we are now, decades later, ushering in a brand new era. 

Fractal Prosperity: We must understand how our behavioral patterns intermingle like entangled tentacles sparkling at each transactional click and bouncing with other zillions of unknown similar tentacle extensions of others around the world creating fractal geometrical patterns of universal dimensions of new productivity. Such global human interaction is carving new paths of eventual prosperity. This critical mass of fractal prosperity is exceptionally huge and complex and its economical powers are still being studied and measured against the old destructive or hologramic mentalities of the previous decades. The global populace demands new options and truthful answers.

Knowledge Plug: With 1001 new plugged variations are opening every second around the world, we are part of this new universal, freely accessible knowledge and now biologically and mentally dependent crave to stay deeply transfused to our blood stream of imagination.  It is critical to stay soft-wired to this “Knowledge Plug” as a master survival strategy. Witness the intensity of withdrawal symptoms when our gadgets and connections are taken away. We demand straight-jackets.

Global Age Pragmatism: On the other hand, our Plugged Society is neither a highly technologically literate nor artificially intelligence driven masses of people.  It is rather like a simple driver of a high speed car commuting to work.  The players in this race are primarily illiterate and basically incompetent on such crazy techno-lingo-fronts, yet most advanced ever in the history of civilization on pragmatic knowledge and deeper and realistic understanding of mankind and humanistic needs with understanding of survival and concerns for creating grassroots prosperity.  At times they have more real knowledge than the masters or the governments. This is where the previous societies, over the last 100 years, due to lack of free and all timely global access so badly failed. All this knowledge is also replacing the old fierce competition and destruction mentality with calmer collaboration and coordinating grassroots prosperity ideas.

The alpha-dreamers; some five billion people connected online around the world are the most powerful sound, inaudible to the deaf media and mute political punditry, but their recent murmuring is resulting into new global thunder of toppling of administrations. Global wisdom hidden in the entrepreneurial pragmatism and globally collaborative efforts are aggressively taking over.

The Internet of Things; The notion of IOT or “Internet of Things” is an old fashioned talk; there is no such thing as ‘internet’ with ‘things’. When was the last time we strapped a banana to our mobile phone, mounted our laptop on a horse or inserted our tablet into an air-conditioner? The Internet of the past is what typewriter used to be before taken over by word processing. The term Internet is already eighties, old and slow and now with the notion of things attached is like the floor of the old Radio Shack store in year 2000 where there were dozens of gadgets hopelessly trying to connect to each other. Things have changed big time in last few years. We are now universal knowledge.

It’s not that important how much education we have.  What is important is how smartly we are plugged into this universal knowledge. Here are tests of new superior level smartness for players claiming to be in innovative economical growth and entrepreneurial excellence.

How well adjusted and exposed are we in this knowledge-plugged society?
How and what do we know about how to deploy today the power of knowledge plug?
How many models of value creation and prosperity generation can we articulate?
How can we demonstrate our global age leadership qualities during this metamorphosis?



There is nothing wrong with incompetency; it is a serious liability when hidden and a gift when discovered and understood. Identify, isolate and certify. Incompetencies at times have merits. Old experiences at times have greater values. The real dangers are the traditional political correctness and corporate decorum that hides all and prolong the agony and justifies poor performances.

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