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Interest Rate Breakout? Probably
It looked to be a breakout a few months ago but the argument for it is better now. Will it last? Probably but things are a bit overheated right now.
10 Year Rates
While it looks as if we've got a major trend reversal in place for interest rates, the short-term shows waning momentum. That means don't panic.
Tech Wreck Not
June 9 was a wild ride lower for big mo tech stocks and pundits basically said they gave up the ghost. Here, we look at the humble 50-day average and think otherwise.
VIX Crunch
A spike down in the VIX has been pretty good under some conditions.
Euro Sterling Death Cross
The Euro/British Pound cross rate scored a bearish moving average death cross last week. Meaningful in the currency markets?
Market Projection March 2017
A follow-up to my Barron's Online column where I made the case for either a pullback here in a bull market or the start of another leg up comparable to the post-election burst.
A Look At Airlines
A look at how airlines have performed over the past few months and how the market validated my dislike for one of them.
FANGs And Friends
While the FANG stocks are no longer the hot items they once were they still do matter. So do some of their friends.
Dow 20K Is Nice But NYSE Breakout Is Better
Dow 20,000 has a nice ring to it but it is not a very technically significant level. Great for punditry but not for trading. However, it is still important because at the same time the NYSE composite broke out to all-time highs above 2015 levels.
Hot Retail Brokers
We know that banks have been hot since the election but non-bank retail brokers have soared.
Santa Rally Maybe Not
The January Effect was a complete bust this year and so was "Sell in May." So why should we expect a Santa rally or any other annual events?
Should We Worry About An Extreme ADX Reading?
The Average Directional Index (ADX) is at an extreme high suggesting the trend is very strong - or maybe too strong. This is a look back through history to see if we should worry now that a correction is pending.
FV How We Get To Dow 21K
Everyone is gaga over Dow 20,000 but 21,000 has far more technical significance.
Six Pix For The Weekend
Six stock setups from several sectors for your weekend perusal.
Stock Of The Week: International Business Machines Corporation
Tech is joining into the Trump rally and that is one reason why IBM is my stock of the week.
Talking Trannies
The Dow Jones Transportation Average hit an all-time high. Is there still time to get in? And where?
1 to 16 of 49 Posts
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