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E Obligatory Market Comment And The Myopia Of The S&P 500
The stock market is reaching a tipping point between the resumption of the December rally and a more significant correction. And not because the S&P 500 hit strong resistance.
E An Obligatory Market Commentary
A back-of- the-napkin analysis of the market looking for pause before the next, and possibly final, upside breakout. Of course, pauses can break down, too, so that's why we wait.
E The Hated Rally Broadens – That’s Good
We have to shut out the noise and read the market's signals. Right now, those signals are pretty good.
E There Absolutely, Positively Will Be A Recession
The yield curve, or some cherry-picked version of it, inverted today. Does that mean conditions are that much different than they were just yesterday?
E Why You Should Take The Green New Deal Seriously
While the specific terms of the controversial proposal are untenable, the underlying green goals are really in line with what is already happening today. Operating with the trend, and not against it, makes a whole lot of sense.
E Reading Charts With A Fat Crayon
If you get hung up on precisely drawing your trendlines and resistance levels, you will miss the train when it finally leaves the station.
E Unmasking The VooDoo: Overbought And Oversold
Technicians like to talk about overbought and oversold conditions but they are not what everyone thinks they are.
E Offense/Defense Index On The “O”
The offense/defense index sports an upside breakout suggesting the market is still feeling pretty good with aggressive sectors doing better than defensive sectors.
E Market Breadth Paints A Bullish Picture
Forget the news. Data under the surface shows the stock market is actually firming up nicely. It's not guarantee but it is important to note.
E What Exactly Is Bear Market Territory?
We’ve heard a lot about how the market touched bear market territory this month but is knowledge of any use for investors?
Unmasking The VooDoo: Candlesticks
Candle charts are a great way to look at the market in a different, but yet familiar way. But what's really going on?
E Emerging Markets Not Really Emerging
Lots of chatter recently on the emergence of emerging markets. However, when we look at the charts, only one market looks good.
E Correction Territory – Time To Panic!
The tone of the market is different but even after a really rotten week there is still plenty of evidence that points to a recovery. How long it lasts will be the real question.
E The Good, The Bad And The Pecker
With all the chatter about the longest bull market on record and snapping the longest streak without a new high, you'd think the market is either off to the races or about to crumble. As I've been saying for the past two years, everybody is wrong.
E Bond Market Says Things Are Not Quite Right
Stocks still look pretty good on many fronts but why does the bond market look ready to rally? Interest rates may just go down first before they normalize.
E Still A Bull But Not Rabid
I'm still bullish but we're starting to see the finish line in the distance.
1 to 16 of 49 Posts
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