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E Everybody Is Wrong
Everybody has an opinion but is filtered through the expertise they enjoyed in normal times. Know your tools and stop working for click bait.
E It’s Not 2000 But The Market Is Mighty Narrow Again
Market breadth indicators don't look bad but the market is still very narrow in is leadership.
E Offense/Defense Index Looking Better
Ratio analysis using sectors helps determine the tone of the market. Right now, a ratio of offense sectors to defensive sectors suggests a bullish breakout ahead.
E An Obligatory Market Commentary
If I listened to the headlines, I'd be 100% in cash. But I am not.
E The Lunacy Of The Dow
The Dow is a whacked index. There, I said it. Here's why.
E The Inverted Yield Curve Is Actually Bullish
Typically, an inverted yield curve, when short rates are higher than long rates, is a negative predictor. The most recent inversion, however, was actually bullish.
E Unmasking The VooDoo: Yield Curve
The yield curve is arguably inverted. Why is that and what does it mean?
E Getting Technical: The Next Generation - It’s Not Gold That’s Getting Me Nervous
Gold has indeed broken out. But why are silver and platinum still so low? There is something more sinister here than a simple hedge trade.
E My Kingdom For An Acronym
It sure was easy when all we had to do is buy any stock that was a member of a group with a great acronym. Remember the FANG stocks? Are they still a thing anymore?
Gold Update After The Big Rally
With Thursday’s big rally and gold hitting a 5 ½-year high, many people believe that this was a major upside breakout. Let's start with an updated chart, which does not convince me - yet - that a breakout is in place.
E Getting Technical: The Next Generation - Gold At The Top Of A Huge Base
Gold was strong in recent weeks thanks to trade war talk but is it ready to break out for real?
E Obligatory Market Comment And The Myopia Of The S&P 500
The stock market is reaching a tipping point between the resumption of the December rally and a more significant correction. And not because the S&P 500 hit strong resistance.
E An Obligatory Market Commentary - Tuesday, April 30
A back-of- the-napkin analysis of the market looking for pause before the next, and possibly final, upside breakout. Of course, pauses can break down, too, so that's why we wait.
E The Hated Rally Broadens – That’s Good
We have to shut out the noise and read the market's signals. Right now, those signals are pretty good.
E There Absolutely, Positively Will Be A Recession
The yield curve, or some cherry-picked version of it, inverted today. Does that mean conditions are that much different than they were just yesterday?
E Why You Should Take The Green New Deal Seriously
While the specific terms of the controversial proposal are untenable, the underlying green goals are really in line with what is already happening today. Operating with the trend, and not against it, makes a whole lot of sense.
1 to 16 of 60 Posts
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