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MN Gordon is President and Founder of Direct Expressions LLC, an independent publishing company.  He’s the Editorial Director and Publisher of the Economic Prism – an E-Newsletter that brings clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy and targets investment opportunities for ... more

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The Ugly Truth About Printing Press Money
Does anyone in Washington give a rip the nation’s beyond broke? Does anyone in Congress care that outright money printing is what’s financing their stimulus bills?
Coming To America: LA Metro’s Model Of Extreme Capital Consumption
The largest spending item in the American Jobs Plan is transportation ($620 billion). Of this, $174 billion will go to electric vehicles, $85 billion to public transit, and $80 billion to passenger and freight trains.
Jerome Von Havenstein: Inflation Or Bust
Earlier in the week, Powell, in testimony to the Senate Banking Committee, confirmed that the central bank would keep the federal funds rate near zero until maximum employment is achieved.
By Big Government For Big Government
Inflation, in its truest sense, is inflation of the money supply. That’s where inflation starts. That’s where the culprit resides.
Did You Make Janet Yellen Rich?
Up until the WallStreetBets crowd short squeezed Melvin Capital for a $7 billion loss, Robinhood had it made. But losing billions is stressful. And when your product blows up your customer the clucking that follows comes hot and heavy.
When Boom Turns Into Crack-Up Boom
On Day 1 alone, the new President of the USA signed 15 executive orders and 2 executive agency directives.
What To Do When The Planets Diverge
Planets Jupiter and Saturn came into closer alignment than any time since 1226 this week. Yet the planets in Washington did not align. The federal government was unable to ‘Christmas tree’ its stimulus bill.
The Sisyphean Folly Of Printing Press Money
Something remarkable happened on Tuesday.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average broke the 30,000 point barrier for the first time ever. President Trump commemorated the feat by calling the number “sacred.”
“In America Money Does Grow On Trees”
This week provided additional confirmation that America is fully committed to a program of currency destruction. 
How To Tackle The Depression Head On
The challenges facing the economy have everything to do with the central government. Over the last 40 years wealth has become ever more concentrated in fewer and fewer insider hands.
How To Turn A Corporate Credit Crisis Into A Currency Crisis
U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) dropped below $20 trillion during second quarter. But while the economy has slumped, government debt has spiked. 
In The Long Run We Are All Alive
Sometimes the end of the world comes and goes, while some of us are still here. We believe our present episode of debt, deficits, and state sponsored economic destruction, is one of these times.
Your Figuring Central Planners At Work
These days Emerson’s critical insight is being taken to its extreme. Consumers, many who lost their jobs due to government lockdown orders, no longer produce. Yet they still consume. They’re expensive. Not rich.
What You Will Find When You Follow The Money
More printing press money means more distortions. Which means more asset bubbles. Which means more inflation. Which means more wealth inequality.
The Dollar Is Dying
Modern era Treasury rate data has been continuously recorded since 1871. The lowest yield on the 10-Year Treasury on record dating back 149-years was reached this week. What’s going on?
Best Laid Schemes
The grand plans of our local officials in Long Beach have been foiled by the coronavirus bug. After seven years of construction, at a cost of $1.5 billion, they can’t even hold a proper ribbon-cutting.
1 to 16 of 101 Posts
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