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MN Gordon is President and Founder of Direct Expressions LLC, an independent publishing company.  He’s the Editorial Director and Publisher of the Economic Prism – an E-Newsletter that brings clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy and targets investment opportunities for ... more

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HH Every Bubble Eventually Finds Its Pin
The transfer of wealth from workers and savers to governments and big banks continued this week with Swiss-like precision. The process is both mechanical and subtle.
The Fed’s Answer To The Ghastly Monster Of Its Creation
Over the past decade, the U.S. economy, as measured by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), has increased about 50 percent.
Japan’s Yield Curve Control Regime Is Coming To America
Earlier this month, Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda commented that Japan’s central planners are considering a 50-year government bond issue as a long-term means of putting a floor under super-long interest rates.
Is The Fed Secretly Bailing Out A Major Bank?
This week the New York Fed stated it would not disclose which banks are receiving repo cash for at least two years.
Riding The Type 3 Mega Market Melt Up Train
The decade long bull market run, aside from making everyone ridiculously rich, has opened up a new array of competencies.
How To Prepare As The Fed Scorches The Earth
The Fed, in effect, is turning financial markets into a giant tinderbox.
America’s Road Map To $40 Trillion National Debt By 2028
The simple fact is you can’t grow your way out of debt when the debt’s increasing faster than gross domestic product (GDP).
Fed Chair Powell’s Inescapable Contradiction
Conflict and contradiction. These were two of the main themes reverberating around the world of centralized monetary planning this week.
Final Collapse Is Inexorable
This week central planners pursued their primary mission with steadfast conviction. They planned. They prodded. They prearranged tomorrow to save us from ourselves.
Fiat Money Cannibalization In America
The United States, with untroubled ease, continued its approach towards catastrophe this week. The Federal Reserve cut the federal funds rate 25 basis points, thus furthering its program of mass money debasement.
Don’t Be Another Wall Street Chump
Portfolios of S&P 500 index investors could be at or below today’s current price come 2030. Absolutely, the price you buy at matters. And only Wall Street chumps buy the S&P 500 at these valuations. Don’t be one of them.
The Hollow Promise Of A Statist Economy
One of the great conceits disseminated by fake education is that anyone and everyone can use the political system to remake the world in their image.
Dead Meat In Jackson Hole
If there are any virtues of debt instruments with negative yields we’ve yet to realize them. Certainly, we understand that as bond yields fall, bond prices rise, and bond investors are rewarded with capital appreciation.
Writing On The Wall
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports an unemployment rate of just 3.7 percent. The BLS also reports price inflation, as measured by the consumer price index (CPI), of 1.8 percent.
Realizing The Full Implications Of The Forthcoming Catastrophe
Rarely are people capable of understanding the full implications of a forthcoming catastrophe of their making. Perhaps, it’s not because they’re truly incapable of it. More likely, it’s because they’d rather ignore it.
Tending Towards Maximum Perversity
Massive monetary stimulus injections of QE and negative interest rate policy (NIRP) will take an economy and financial markets that are already grossly distorted and will disfigure them beyond all recognition.
1 to 16 of 61 Posts
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