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MN Gordon is President and Founder of Direct Expressions LLC, an independent publishing company.  He’s the Editorial Director and Publisher of the Economic Prism – an E-Newsletter that brings clarity to the muddy waters of economic policy and targets investment opportunities for ... more


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Kicking Xi Jinping While He’s Down
Reports out of China this week are of an economy that’s slowing. In fact, China’s December exports fell 4.4 percent year-on-year. At the same time, China’s December imports fell 7.6 percent over this same period.
Washington’s Latest Match Made In Hell
One of the more enticing things about financial markets is not that they’re predictable. Or that they’re not predictable. It’s that they’re almost predictable…or at least they seem they should be.
The Downside Of Mindless Investing
High inflection points in life, like high inflection points in the stock market, are both humbling and instructive. One moment you think you’ve got the world by the tail. The next moment the rug’s yanked right out from under you.
The Recline And Flail Of Western Civilization And Other 2019 Predictions
As we close out the year, the yield on the 10-Year Treasury note has settled at about 2.77 percent. This is down from a yield of about 3.20 percent as recently as early November.
How Faux Capitalism Works In America
The U.S. stock market’s recent zigs and zags have provoked much squawking and screeching. Wall Street pros, private money managers, and Millennial index fund enthusiasts all find themselves on the wrong side of the market’s swift movements.
Paper Lanterns
There are numerous explanations for just what in the heck is going on with the economy. Some are good. Many are bad.
The Zealous Pursuit Of State Sponsored Wealth Destruction
the value in money is in what it represents. Every dollar of actual money should be derived from a dollar’s worth of wealth that has been produced.
How To Give Thanks Like Socrates
The most ungrateful person can take one day a year to give thanks, even if they believe they deserve more. For others, however, giving thanks is a daily life or death proposition.
The Intolerable Scourge Of Fake Capitalism
The ratio of federal government spending to GDP increased from 33 percent in 1973 to about 40 percent today.
Pushing Past The Breaking Point
According to the government’s statistics, the economy has never been better. By the official numbers, we’re living in a magical world of full employment, 2.3 percent price inflation, and the second-longest growth period in the post-World War II era.
Choking On The Salt Of Debt
Monetary policy over the last three decades, and over the last decade, in particular, has placed the economy in the unfavorable position where more and more digital monetary credits are needed each month just to stand still.
Oil Mania Redux
By now, late September of 2018, it has become increasingly evident that something big is about to happen. What exactly that may be is anyone’s guess.
The Burden Of The American Worker
The general burden of the American worker is the daily task of squaring the difference between the booming economy reported by the government bureaus and the dreary economy reported in their biweekly paychecks.
Honest Work For Dishonest Pay
Over the past decade, in the wake of the 2008-09 debt crisis, the impossible has happened. The sickness of too much debt has been seemingly cured with massive dosages of even more debt.
As The Credit Cycle Turns
A rising stock market has the illusory effect of masking the economy’s warts and blemishes.
How The Global Trade Contraction Begins
The world grows increasingly at odds with itself, with each passing day.
1 to 16 of 27 Posts
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