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Trump Sues Georgia Sec of State Over Leaked Phone Call

Date: Monday, January 4, 2021 9:12 PM EDT

Trump pressured Georgia officials to "find votes", then sued Brad Raffensperger over the disclosure.


Find the Votes

The red hot story of the day just got hotter. First here is the background.

‘There is nothing wrong with saying, you know, that you recalculated,’ the president told Brad Raffensperger.

The Wall Street Journal reports Trump Pressured Georgia Secretary of State to ‘Find’ Votes

President Trump in a Saturday telephone call urged Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to overturn the November election results that delivered the state to President-elect Joe Biden. 

“I just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have because we won the state,” he told Mr. Raffensperger on the call, adding later, “It’s not a problem that is going away.” Mr. Biden won the state by 11,779 votes out of about 5 million cast.

Transcript and Audio

Kudos to Brad Raffensperger for recording the call and disclosing it. You can Listen to the Audio and Read a Full Transcript at the WSJ.

At the Phone Meeting

  • President Trump
  • Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State, State of Georgia
  • Ryan Germany, General Counsel and Assistant Commissioner of Securities, State of Georgia
  • Cleta Mitchell, partner, Foley & Lardner
  • Jordan Fuchs, Deputy Secretary of State, State of Georgia
  • Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff

Kurt R. Hilbert, managing member and founder, the Hilbert Law Firm

Partial Transcript With My Comments

Mish Comment: In the transcript Trump rambled on and on about various fraud allegations, all long ago disproved. Following the lengthy rambling, Meadows chimed in.

MR. MEADOWS: What I’m hopeful for is, is there some way that we can – we can find some kind of an agreement to look at this a little bit more fully?

MR. RAFFENSPERGER: Well, I’ve listened to what the president has just said. President Trump, we’ve had several lawsuits, and we’ve had to respond in court to the lawsuits and the contentions. We don’t agree that you have won and we don’t – I didn’t agree about the 200,000 number that you mentioned. But I could go through that point by point. .... we did a hand re-tally, a 100 percent re-tally of all the ballots and compared that to what the machine said, and it came up with virtually the same result. Then we did the recount and we got virtually the same result. So I guess we could probably take that off the table. I don’t think there’s an issue about that.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, Brad – Brad, not that there’s not an issue, but – because I – we have a big issue with Dominion in other states and perhaps in yours, but we haven’t felt we needed to go there. ... If you took – these are the most minimal numbers, the numbers that I gave you. Those are numbers that are certified: your absentee ballots sent to vacant addresses; your out-of-state voters, 4,925. You know, when you add them up, it’s many more – it’s many times the 11,779 number. ... And the people of Georgia are angry. The people of the country are angry. And there’s nothing wrong with saying that – you know, that you’ve recalculated because the 2,236 on absentee ballots, I mean, they’re all exact numbers that were done by accounting firms, law firms, et cetera. And even if you cut them in half, cut them in half, and cut them in half again, it’s more votes than we need.

MR. RAFFENSPERGER: Well, Mr. President, the challenge that you have is the data you have is wrong. We talked to the congressmen and they were surprised, but they – I guess there was a person named Mr. Braynard that came to these meetings and presented data. And he said that there was dead people – I believe it was upward of 5,000. The actual number were two – two. Two people that were dead that voted. And so that’s wrong. That was two.

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