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Housing Starts Dive 8.7 Percent: Awful Single-Family Stats In Every Region
The Census Department New Residential Construction Report shows housing starts fell 8.7% in February 2019.
Canada Might Nix Trump's NAFTA Deal Unless He Stops Steel Tariffs
Trump's trade deal scorecard might drop to zero unless Trump halts tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum.
Yield Curve Update: 10-Year Vs 1-Month Inversion Persists
The yield curve inversion persists and even widened, selectively.
Hello Jerome Powell, We Have Questions
This is an open letter to Jerome Powell and the Fed.
When Good News No Longer Matters
It's not that investors or the market get everything right as absurd euphoria in 2000, 2007, and 2018 shows. Rather we have another huge warning signal that good news no longer matters.
Too Big To Sell
Wealthy baby boomers are trapped in homes that are too big to sell. They want to downsize but can't get what they paid.
Record 4 Million Sign "Cancel Brexit" Petition
The call for Prime Minister Theresa May to revoke Article 50 is now one of the most popular petitions ever on Parliament’s site. The petition is amusing but it will not change a damn thing.
Wholesale Inventories Surge, Sales Don't, Bond Market Panic
The Monthly Wholesale Trade report for January shows inventories rose 1.2% in January following a revised 1.1% in December.
Near Full Inversion: 10-Year Note Inverts With 1-Month T-Bill
Those waiting for a full inversion before worrying about recession can start worrying today.
22 Yield Curve Inversions: Recession At Hand, Buy Gold
A 10-year vs 3-month inversion is only 8 basis points away. A 10-year Fed Funds Rate inversion is a mere 4 basis points away.
Fed Pledges "Patience", Dot Plot Suggests No Hikes In 2019
Today the Fed pledged patience and a majority of officials signaled they might not raise the rate at all this year.
Factory Orders Inch Higher Only Because Of Aircraft, Shipments Down 4th Month
Factory orders rose 0.1% but shipments which feed GDP reports were down for the fourth consecutive month.
Decline Of Globalization
The change in total global exports has now gone negative.
Recycling Movement Fails: China Doesn't Want US Garbage, Not Profitable Here
Used cans are piling up at scrapyards because U.S. aluminum companies are turning fewer of them into new metal, another indication of the economic challenges facing recycling.
Boeing 737 Max Major Design Flaws, Not A Software Failure
The evidence is piling up. A Seatle Times report and experts have stated that the crashes stem from severe design issues and flagrant cost-cutting efforts, not software issues.
Mission Impossible: Tariffs Didn't Reduce The Trade Deficit (Deals Won't Either)
If Trump "succeeds" in reducing the trade deficit with his policies, he's highly likely to cause a global recession in the process.
1 to 16 of 3223 Posts
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