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Trump Claims To Have Saved 51 Million Jobs
If Trump saved $51 million jobs the cost was a mere $58,823 per job saved. And that assumes there will not be more stimulus plans.
Trump's New NAFTA Is A Proven Failure Already
Trump hailed new NAFTA as an American job generator but it hasn't and won't create jobs.
All In, All Out, Why Not?
A Chinese quant-trading firm made 108% this year by selling every stock bought the previous day. As long as the Fed is willing to promote gambling, guess what? People will gamble.
Trump Extends Payroll Protection Program Another Five Weeks
Four days ago the Senate agreed to extend the PPP program. Today, President Trump signed the bill, giving businesses five more weeks of payroll protection.
Unemployment Is Much Worse Than It Looks
The unemployment rate fell 2.2 percentage points to 11.1% but claims data and the reference week raise significant questions.
Jobs Rebound By 4.8 Million But Huge Headwinds Remain
Nonfarm payrolls expanded by a record 4.8 million but that leaves another 15 million to go.
The Fed Promotes A Quickening That Takes Many Years
In the minutes of the June 9-10 FOMC meeting, the Fed discussed racism, COVID, Forward Guidance, Asset Purchases, and Yield Curve Caps.
Car Sales Plunge 33 Percent In The 2nd Quarter Despite Deals
Despite Deals and Covid-19 Stimulus car sales plunged a record amount. But due to factory shutdowns and stimulus offers, dealer inventories are lower than normal.
The Recovery Will Have Many Shapes, Not One
No economists in a recent survey thinks the recovery will be V-shaped but opinions regarding the shape have changed since the last survey in late Lay.
Huge Political Disconnect Over The State Of The Economy
In 2008 everyone knew the economy was in bad shape. Today, views vary tremendously by party affiliation.
Banks' New Dilemma: They Cannot Tell Who Is A Good Risk
Are people paying their bills on time? Thanks to COVID regulations, there is no way to tell.
Business Interruption Insurance Is The New Battle
Companies with business interruption insurance want insurers to pay up over Covid-19 claims. But what do the policies say?
What Would It Take To Dethrone The Dollar?
No reserve currencies last forever. So what would it take to end dollar dominance?
More Gold Hype: No Escape For Shorts
Gold is up against major resistance. Can it blast through the $1800 level?
Mortgage Forbearances Rise For The First Time In 3 Weeks
The number of mortgage loans in forbearance plans rose by 79,000 this past week. This was the first jump in three weeks.
Banks Get A $40 Billion Break From The Fed
US regulators, including the Fed, loosened rules on banks once again.
1 to 16 of 3938 Posts
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