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Huge Jobs Divergence Returns, Jobs +339,000 But Employment -310,000
The BLS Wonderland reporting is back with a vengeance today as jobs and employment head in opposite directions and the unemployment rate jumps.
Job Quits, A Key Indicator Of Labor Market Health, Reveal Signs Of Weakness
Job openings are highly suspect. Quits are the real deal when it comes to labor market strength.
Manufacturing ISM Contracts 7th Straight Month, New Orders Down 9 Months
The ISM fell deeper into contraction with prices plunging.
Chicago PMI Crashes To 40, The 9th Straight Month Of Contraction
In April, the Chicago Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 48.6. In May, the Chicago PMI crashed to 40.4.
Case-Shiller Top City Home Prices Decline From Year Ago For The First Time Since May 2012
The Case-Shiller 10-city and 20-city indexes are now down year-over-year although the national index is still positive.
Central Banks Are Buying Gold At Record Pace, What Does That Mean For Inflation?
A reader wanted to know if the central bank buying gold at a record pace adds to inflation. Let's crunch the numbers then look at the true meaning of the buying spree.
Free Money Quote Of The Day On The Next Big Thing, Garbage
Landfill operations are raking in the dough thanks to free money subsidies they don't even need to be profitable.
There Are 99 Pages Of Details In The Debt Ceiling Deal, And A Big Trap
The 99-page deal includes a big trap for Republicans.
We Have A Debt Limit Deal In Principle, It Doesn't Do Much
A House vote is expected this week on an agreement that will raise the borrowing limit for two years.
As The Peso Crumbles To Ashes, Argentina Seeks Help From China
Argentina wants a bigger currency swap line with China to combat 100 percent inflation.
Gross Domestic Income GDI Suggests The US Is In Recession Right Now
Gross Domestic Income (GDI) and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) are two measures of the same thing. But they radically differ in outlook.
Real Disposable Income Is Flat, But Real Spending Jumps 0.5 Percent
A jump in the PCE price index took away the entirety of gains in disposable personal income.
Trade Deficit In Goods Jumps 17 Percent As Imports Surge And Exports Plunge
Economists missed the mark badly on the trade deficit this month fueled by a 5.5 percent decline in exports.
NVDA Jumps 24 Percent, Flirts With $1 Trillion Market Cap, And Biggest Jump Ever
Nvidia came close to setting a record for most significant market cap gain in history today, jumping 24 percent. It's closing in on a trillion-dollar market cap.
How Did The FOMC Minutes Change The Market's Perception Of Fed Policy?
The Fed has posted minutes of the FOMC meeting on May 2-3. Let's take a look how the Fed Funds Futures reacted to the minutes.
Fed Minutes Include Expectation Of No Rate Cuts Through January 2024
The Fed has posted minutes of the FOMC meeting on May 2-3. Let's take a look at six key ideas from the minutes.
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