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Michael Swanson is the founder and head editor of He ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors during that time frame and in one year was ranked in the top thirty-five hedge funds among several thousand tracked by ... more


These Are The Type Of Stocks Now Falling Out Of The Sky
We are getting a gap up today as the S&P 500 is bouncing off of its 200-day moving average. Robots are seeing that and buying – but so are many people.
The Bond Market Is Telling Us That The Fed Is Going To Lower Interest Rates
Interest rates rise in times of strong economic growth in the economy or times of inflation. Last year the Federal Reserve was projecting that it would raise rates this year and even next year.
This Is The S&P 500 Level You Must Watch Now
The stock market got wildly overbought at the start of this month. As a result, it has been pulling back for the past few weeks. Now the Trump/China trade negotiations have broken down. It may sound bad but there are ways to profits on this market.
Here Is An Options Trade I Have On For May (Plus Stock Market Update For Today)
In this video I go over a bear call spread trade I’m doing in a very popular stock and why the technical analysis charts for it made a good setup I decided to take advantage of.
VIX Spike Set To Play As Trade Tensions Accelerate Fast
Last year we saw a 20% decline in the stock market that played out over three months, but the way the market is setup up now is more like the way it pulled back in February of last year.
Four Interesting Stock Charts For This Week
The stocks on the latter list have not been dropping hard this month and a few have turned up.


AAPL Apple Inc.
AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc.
BTU Peabody Energy Corporation
CZR Caesars Entertainment
DVMT Dell Technologies Inc.
FCX Freeport-McMoran Copper & Gold Inc.
GOOG Alphabet Inc. (Google)
GOOGL Google (A shares)
INTC Intel Corporation
NVDA Nvidia Corporation
SNAP Snap Inc.
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