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Michael Swanson is the founder and head editor of WallStreetWindow.com. He ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors during that time frame and in one year was ranked in the top thirty-five hedge funds among several thousand tracked by ... more


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Stock Market Bulls Fall Into Another Bear Trap While Gold Prices Start To Firm Up – Mike Swanson
The market managed to rally for two days this week and then smashed to give up all of those gains and more yesterday as the DOW fell over 1,100 points in a stock market slaughterhouse.
The Stock Market Decline Is Turning Into A Generalized Sell-Off
It’s a bear market and we saw the classic warning signs last year when the stock market internals peaked out over twelve months ago
There Is No Sign Of A Top In Commodities
The price of wheat looks like it will go up again.
Bearish Stock Market Sentiment Surveys Mean Nothing Right Now
I’m seeing a lot of financial people on Twitter trying to find a bottom in this market. Even ones who think we are in a bear market are looking for a rally to buy.
These Two Key Big Cap Tech Stock Are Now Next In Trouble
The FAANGs, except for Apple, have been having a hard time and we expect to see that continue with Google and Nvidia. Here are alternatives to consider.
Why Those That Keep Saying Inflation Is Peaking Are Wrong Again (Stock Market News Today With CPI)
Tuesday morning we saw another massive record CPI print with an annualized inflation rate of 8.5%. Many stock market gurus and even CNBC talking heads came out and said that this is the peak of CPI inflation.
Stock Market Rally Signals A Coming Disaster For Bitcoin And Crypto
Bitcoin has been falling for months. While the Nasdaq turned down to start this year, the Crypto market actually peaked out before Thanksgiving and fell much more than the Nasdaq and S&P 500 did in January and February.
Can The Corporate Bond ETF LQD Bounce Here?
One of the biggest financial trends this year is the superior performance of commodities versus the S&P 500.
EC The Underlying Trends Of The Financial Markets Have Not Changed
Bulls had trouble yesterday getting the stock market to go up much more.
Can Bulls Bust Through With Fed Predictions Of A Perfect World?
The stock market has been falling since New Year in a sharp downtrend. Over the past two days, it has rallied back up towards the down trendline and has a chance now of breaking out of it to the upside.
With FOMC On Tap Today Gold Stocks Dip For Buy Point
Over the past few trading sessions, we have seen a dip in oil and many commodities off of their highs.
Crazy Chaos In Metals Markets Positions Norseman Silver To Shine
Yesterday gold and silver gapped up on the open and exploded. Gold even tapped on the $2100 an ounce market level and was just a few dollars from making a new all-time high at one point Tuesday.
The Stock Market Is A Mess, But Can Bounce
I say this not simply because it is down, but because what preceded the move down last year, which was a classic stage three top in which most stocks fell into a bear market way ahead of the market averages.
My Top Stock Pick For The Month Is Norseman Silver
My top stock pick for this month is small cap exploration stock Norseman Silver, which trades on the TSXV as NOC and on the US OTC as NOCSF. As you can tell from the name it’s a silver stock.
As Markets Price In Ukraine, Stock Market Bulls Dive Into Trap Door
A lot of things are going on in the markets this week. A lot of headlines and market gyrations, but my big picture view is what guides my investing and remains the same now.
The Stock Market Trap Door Now Opens (More Than Just Ukraine)
Up until today I’d tell you that the markets have actually been playing off the Ukraine news overall. They mostly have been trading on the charts.
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