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Michael Swanson is the founder and head editor of He ran a hedge fund from 2003 to 2006 that generated a return of over 78% for its investors during that time frame and in one year was ranked in the top thirty-five hedge funds among several thousand tracked by ... more


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Wednesday Was A Stock Market Wonder Rally, Thursday Proves This Is A Real Bear Market
On Wednesday, the DOW rallied over 900 points after the FOMC release during the Jerome Powell press conference. Thursday, all of those gains were eliminated and more as the QQQ had its biggest 1 day decline of the year and the biggest since 2020.
What Robinhood Traders Are Now Doing In This Bear Market And When It Will End
In this video update about the stock market, I show what Robinhood traders are now invested in when it comes to this volatile market.
Should You Buy Facebook Or Sell The Stock Because Of The Metaverse?
The Facebook company changed its name to Metaverse and is saying that the Metaverse is the future, but how real is it?
Is It Too Risky Now To Buy Gold With The Rally In The Gold And Silver Price?
Gold and mining stocks are rallying and so is the price of silver and the SLV ETF.
As Stock Market Rally Stalls It’s Time To Sell Laggards And Buy Gold And Silver And Mining Stocks
Two weeks ago we saw pops in stocks like AMC and HOOD, which both went up over 20% in a day, but last week the stock market meme momentum simply stalled out.
How Will The Biden Release Of The Strategic Petroleum Reserves Impact The Energy And Stock Markets?
President Biden announced that he is making the biggest release of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves in history. The release will add more oil to the global markets for a six month period to try to drive down the price of gas.
This Major Big Cap Gold Stock Is Ready To Breakout Despite Morning Gold Dip
The US employment numbers came out and were strong. Gold and silver prices dipped on that news, but most gold and silver mining stocks traded up to show us how bullish they are now.
Stock Market News – President Biden To Release Energy Reserves, Japanese Yen Currency Market, Silver
President Biden said he plans a mega release of the U.S. energy reserves and most energy stocks go up instead of down anyway.
Expect Volatility Compression For The Stock Market
On Sunday I said that the bulls could break through the downtrend line that is on the chart below, connecting all of the highs of the year. It did that, but then fell on Wednesday.
Tesla Is The Most Important Stock In The Stock Market Now For Stock Market Bulls
There is a strategy in buying stocks like this and more in looking for the next big stock to play. How do you do that? Shown in this also the technical analysis charts.
Can The Bulls Take Charge Of The Stock Market This Week?
We have a potential stock market rally in the works. This week will show us if the bulls can take charge of the stock market this week.
Mega Trend That's Currently Impacting All Individual Stocks
This one giant mega trend in the financial markets is the axis around the things now impacting every company in the world, all individual stocks, and all investment funds.
The Big Picture For Stocks, Gold, Energy Prices, And Bonds
A look at the big picture when it comes to stocks, gold, energy prices, and bonds.
The Ukraine War And The Stock Market News
Focusing on the underlying trends and big trend changes remains the cornerstone to successful investing and trading. Big news events are not changing this nor having as big of a change on the trends as it may seem.
The Critical Market Charts And Indicators You Need To See
There is going to be a lot of fear today. There is nothing more exciting for TV than rumors of wars and wars, but when it comes to the markets you MUST stick with the trends and charts.
As The Nasdaq Wobbles Above January Lows, Stocks Crash
Now that the Nasdaq has wobbled above its January lows, stocks like Roblox and DraftKings blew up on Friday. In this video, I discuss all of this.
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