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The Chair Of The Federal Reserve Just Used The Term “Slowdown” To Describe What Is Happening To The U.S. Economy
Now even the Federal Reserve is publicly admitting that the U.S. economy is slowing down.
12 Statistics That Prove That The U.S. Is Facing A Consumer Debt Apocalypse
In the entire history of the United States, consumers have never been in so much debt.
New Numbers Confirm That The Global Economy And The U.S. Economy Are The Weakest They Have Been Since The Last Recession
Even mainstream economists are admitting that economic activity is slowing down.
U.S. Job Cut Announcements Rise 117 Percent To The Highest Level That We Have Seen In More Than 3 Years
We have not seen anything like this since the last recession.
The Trade Deficit Continues To Explode, Factories Continue To Be Closed, And U.S. Jobs Continue To Be Sent Overseas
The long-term trends that are gutting the U.S. economy continue to get even worse.
As The Economy Teeters On The Brink Of A Recession, U.S. Debt Levels Are Absolutely Exploding
We now have official confirmation that the U.S. economy has dramatically slowed down.
“An Unavoidable Global Recession”: The Warnings Get Louder As Worldwide Economic Numbers Continue To Deteriorate
Prior to the Great Recession of 2008 and 2009, most people never would have imagined that we were about to enter a terrible global economic downturn.
“Biggest Drop In More Than Nine Years”: America’s Retail Apocalypse Is Greatly Accelerating In The Early Stages Of 2019
All over America retailers are going bankrupt and closing stores. Of course, this has been happening for years, but as you will see below the numbers have dramatically escalated during the early portion of 2019.
The Economic Mood Darkens: IPhone Sales Plunge 15% As Consumer Confidence Falls For The 3rd Straight Month
Apple iPhone sales are never supposed to go down. For nearly two decades, Apple has been an unbeatable economic miracle, but now it appears that times have changed.
The Trump Administration Is Warning That The U.S. Economy May Not Grow At All During The First Quarter Of 2019
This government shutdown is really starting to take a toll on the U.S. economy.
These New Numbers Are Telling Us That The Global Economic Slowdown Is Far More Advanced Than We Thought
We continue to get more confirmation that the global economy is slowing down substantially.
Mainstream Media: America Will Be Facing An “Economic Hellscape” If The Shutdown Continues
The mainstream media is warning of an "economic hellscape" if the government shutdown continues. But are they over-hyping the economic impact?
Death Of An Icon: A Day Of Reckoning Has Finally Arrived For One Of America’s Most Important Institutions
After 125 years, it is time to say goodbye. Sears was once the largest retailer that the world had ever seen, and it was a shining representation of America’s seemingly endless prosperity. But now the end has come, and Sears will be liquidated.
This Is Exactly The Kind Of Behavior That You Would Expect During A Stock Market Implosion…
An 865 point swing in less than two hours is not “normal”.
U.S. Stocks Just Had Their Best Day Ever – And Here Is Why That Is A Really Bad Sign…
The Dow Jones Industrial Average just posted its biggest single day point gain ever. On Wednesday, the Dow shot up 1,086 points, which shattered the old record by a staggering 150 points.
"The Worst Is Yet To Come Next Year"
When talking heads on mainstream news networks are using phrases such as “the worst is yet to come next year”, that is a clear indication that a new financial crisis has arrived.
1 to 16 of 487 Posts
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