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Guess Who Is Buying Up Farmland All Over The United States?
Small family farms have been integral to the success of the United States all throughout our history, but now such farms are being gobbled up at a staggering pace.
The Federal Reserve Just Made A Colossal Mistake
You don’t raise interest rates when the economy is already falling into a recession.
Chronic Shortages Of A Few Items Now Will Evolve Into Chronic Shortages Of Hundreds Of Products Later In 2022
The global response to the COVID pandemic during 2020 and 2021 created the most epic supply chain crisis in modern times, and now “black swan events” such as the war in Ukraine and the bird flu pandemic are making that supply chain crisis even worse.
The Ruble, The Dollar And The Price Of Gold
Russia has made some moves that are going to change the global financial system forever. 
The U.S. Economy Just Took A Turn In A Very Ugly Direction
Inflation isn’t going anywhere, and so some pundits are suggesting that we are heading for a period of “stagflation” like we experienced under Jimmy Carter in the 1970s.
One Of Our Financial Markets Has Already Suffered A Catastrophic Collapse. Will The Others Soon Follow?
How would you feel if the value of your investments dropped by half in just a couple of months?
Basic Services And Supply Chains Are Rapidly Breaking Down All Over The Globe
There are more than 10 million open jobs in the United States today, but the U.S. economy only added 199,000 workers during the month of December.
Is Joe Biden About To Impose Destructive New Restrictions On The U.S. Economy In Order To Fight Omicron?
On Tuesday, Joe Biden is going to deliver another “major address” to the nation. Unfortunately, many are anticipating that he may introduce more destructive restrictions which could significantly damage the U.S. economy as we head into 2022.
Will The Holiday Season Be Ruined By The Global Supply Chain Crisis?
No holiday should ever be defined by material possessions, but the vast majority of the population sees things very differently, so the coming months are going to be a very difficult time for a lot of people.
Americans Are Taking On Debt As If Tomorrow Will Never Come
If you make a conscious choice to ignore all long-term consequences, managing your personal finances can be a lot of fun.
More Cowbell! Federal Reserve Officials Decide That More Inflation Is The Answer
Someone, please make the madness stop.
Let’s Compare The U.S. Economy Before The Pandemic To The U.S. Economy Today
Throughout the first half of 2021, there was a tremendous amount of optimism about the U.S. economy. 
Inflation Shock: Are You Ready To Start Paying “$40 Or $50” For A Hamburger?
After decades of living in a relatively low inflation environment, it is hard for most Americans to believe that things have gotten so bad so quickly.
What Will This New Wave Of Lockdowns Do To The Global Economy?
For a few months, a lot of people were convinced that humanity’s efforts to defeat COVID were being successful, and many believed that the pandemic would soon be behind us for good.
Millions Of Low Paying “Jobs” Are Available, But Most Americans Can’t Afford To Take Them
There are more job openings in the United States than ever before, but the vast majority of the available “jobs” pay so little that most Americans don’t want them. 
Nightmarish Inflation Is Already Here But The Fed Is Denying That It Even Exists
Over the past year, politicians in Washington have gone on the largest spending binge in U.S. history by a very wide margin, and the Federal Reserve has created the most enormous financial bubble of all time.
1 to 16 of 644 Posts
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