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Global Crop Failures Continue: In Australia This Is Going To Be The Worst Harvest Ever Recorded
Global food production is being hit from seemingly every side.
Japan’s GDP Is Collapsing, And Experts Are Warning That China Will Be Next
Economists were projecting that Japan’s GDP would shrink by 3.8 percent on an annualized basis in the fourth quarter, but instead, it greatly surpassed expectations by plunging 6.3 percent.
World Economy Projected To Shrink For First Time Since 2009 As Coronavirus Plays Havoc With Global Supply Chains
For more than a decade, the global economy has steadily grown quarter after quarter, but it looks like that streak is about to come to a very abrupt ending.
The Truth About The Coronavirus Outbreak
With people so distrustful of the mainstream media these days, it can be difficult to assess just how much of a threat the coronavirus is. It's time we take a closer look at what the experts are saying...
Not Ready For Economic Collapse: Only 41 Percent Of Americans Have $1000 To Cover An Emergency
We better hope that the U.S. economy holds together in 2020 because if there is any sort of major economic crisis much of the country is going to be broke almost immediately.
The Mainstream Media Admits We Are In "An Auto Recession" – And It Just Continues To Get Worse
Quite a few of the most important sectors of the global economy are already “in a recession”, and yet somehow we are still supposed to believe that the economic outlook for the rest of 2020 is a positive one.
The Biggest Stock Market “Melt Up” In U.S. History Has Pushed Stock Prices To The More Overvalued Levels Ever
Over the past several months, we have witnessed one of the greatest stock market rallies in American history.
12 Signs That The Economy Is Seriously Slowing Down As 2020 Begins
Lost in all of the headlines about Iran and impeachment is the fact that the U.S. economic slowdown which began during the latter stages of last year appears to be accelerating.
The Cold, Hard Facts Which Prove That The Past Decade Was Actually Quite Awful For The U.S. Economy
The last decade was one of the worst stretches for economic growth in our history, and a day of reckoning awaits us during the decade that is directly ahead.
50 Numbers From 2019 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
One of the best ways to determine where things are heading is to look back at how much has changed over the past 12 months.
Hope For A U.S.-China Trade Deal Is Completely Dead, And Wall Street Is Starting To Panic
The reality of what we are now facing is starting to sink in for Wall Street investors, and they are starting to panic.
5 More Signs That The Global Economy Is Careening Toward A Recession
The global economy is already in the worst distress that we have seen since 2008, and it appears that the global slowdown is actually picking up pace as we head into 2020.
Black Friday Is Coming, And 48 Million Americans Still Have Holiday Debt From Last Year
The biggest shopping day of the year is almost here, and marketers are working hard trying to extract as much money from U.S. consumers as possible.
Global Collapse Incoming? The Total Breakdown Of Relations With China Could Throw Our Planet Into Utter Turmoil
In recent months, the global economy and stock markets around the world have been buoyed by the hope that the U.S. and China would soon sign a new trade agreement.
The U.S. National Debt Just Hit The 23 Trillion Dollar Mark As We Continue To Steamroll Toward Financial Oblivion
This week, the U.S. national debt reached the 23 trillion dollar mark for the first time ever.
Guess Who Is Preparing For A Major Stock Market Crash?
Pessimism is spreading like wildfire on Wall Street, and this is particularly true among one very important group of investors.
1 to 16 of 540 Posts
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