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James Picerno is a veteran financial journalist and has been writing about portfolio strategies, investment products, and macroeconomics since the early 1990s at Bloomberg, Dow Jones and other media groups before becoming an independent writer/analyst/consultant in 2008. He’s currently ... more

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Weak Retail Spending In December Weighs On US Q4 GDP Outlook
The unexpected drop in retail sales in December has raised uncertainty about the upcoming report on fourth-quarter gross domestic product (GDP).
Industrials And Energy Lead US Equity Rebound In 2019
The year-to-date rally in the US stock market has lifted all the major equity sectors, based on a set of ETFs. Leading the field: shares in the industrials sector, which has a sizable performance edge over the rest of the market.
US Inflation Trend Expected To Remain Subdued
Although inflation was accelerating in the first half of last year, core CPI peaked last July at 2.3%. In the months since, pricing pressure has cooled a bit. As a result, core CPI is running roughly in line with the Fed’s 2.0% inflation target.
Moderate Growth Trend Expected For US Retail Spending
The National Retail Federation remains upbeat on the outlook for US consumer spending in 2019. The trade group forecasts that retail sales will rise between 3.8% to 4.4% this year, roughly in line with the annual pace of growth in recent history.
US REITs Continue To Lead Weekly Returns For Major Asset Classes
For a second week in a row, real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the US posted the strongest return for the major asset classes.
Corporate Bonds Are Leading US Fixed-Income Gains This Year
Supported by the Federal Reserve’s recent pause on raising interest rates, corporate bonds are leading the US fixed-income sector higher in 2019.
Stress Testing Six Tactical Asset Allocation ETFs
The past two years have been an ideal period to test the risk-management techniques of tactical portfolio strategies, courtesy of high volatility and sudden shifts in global market trends.
Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes - Tuesday, February 5
The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) rebounded to an annualized 4.5% in January after slipping to 4.2% at the end of 2018.
Last Week’s Rallies Lifted All The Major Asset Classes
Last week’s rally was led by real estate investment trusts (REITs) in the US. For the fourth week in a row, Vanguard Real Estate (VNQ) was up, rising a strong 3.0%.
US Private Payrolls Surged In January
The Labor Department reports that US companies continued to hire workers at a strong pace in January. The 296,000 gain in payrolls last month beat the consensus forecast by a wide margin.
Major Asset Classes - January 2019 Performance Review
January delivered a strong rebound in the global markets, lifting all the major asset classes amid a powerful renewal of risk-on sentiment. The strong start to 2019 contrasts with December’s rout that inflicted deep losses far and wide.
Is Housing The Spoiler For The US Economy In 2019?
Yesterday’s scheduled release of US gross domestic product (GDP) for the fourth quarter is still a mystery, courtesy of lingering effects of the partial government shutdown that ended last week.
ADP: Private US Payrolls Post “Significant Growth” In January
US companies added 213,000 workers to payrolls this month, according to the ADP National Employment Report.
Stocks In Latin America Top Year-To-Date Rally For Global Equities
The new year has been kind to foreign stocks so far.
Treasury Inflation Forecasts Resume Slide Ahead Of Fed Meeting
A worrisome decline in the Treasury market’s implied inflation forecasts that began last October appeared to stabilize in the new year.
Last Week’s Market Leaders: Foreign Corporate Bonds, Real Estate
Investment-grade corporate bonds in foreign markets topped last week’s widespread gains for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded funds for trading through Friday, Jan. 25.
1 to 16 of 1521 Posts
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