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James Picerno is a veteran financial journalist and has been writing about portfolio strategies, investment products, and macroeconomics since the early 1990s at Bloomberg, Dow Jones and other media groups before becoming an independent writer/analyst/consultant in 2008. He’s currently ... more


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US Bond Market’s Resilience Shines On
The long-running bull market in bonds continues to defy bearish forecasts, as shown by a set of exchange-traded funds.
Estimating Recession Risk Isn’t Getting Any Easier
Every recession is different and the next one, whenever it strikes, will likely continue the tradition.
Commodities And Foreign Stocks Led The Global Markets Last Week
Commodities prices rebounded last week after a run of declines, posting the strongest weekly performance for the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange-traded funds.
Tech And Real Estate Still Top 2019 Equity Sector Returns
The US stock market has climbed a wall of worry this year, led by technology and real estate shares.
US Treasury Market’s Inflation Forecast Slips To 4-Year Low
Ahead of today’s September report on US consumer inflation, the Treasury market’s implied inflation forecast via 5-year maturities quietly ticked down to 1.24% in Wednesday’s trading.
US Q3 GDP Growth Expected To Match Q2’s Modest Gain
This month’s upcoming estimate of third-quarter economic growth for the US is on track to stabilize at a modest pace, matching the gain in Q2, based on the median estimate for a set of revised nowcasts.
Managing Expectations: US Equity Factor Correlations - Tuesday, Oct. 8
What are you expecting from equity factor ETFs? A number of research studies over the years encourage multi-factor exposure for enhance risk-adjusted return for a US equity allocation.
Bonds In Emerging Markets Topped Asset Class Returns Last Week
After meandering for a month, emerging-market bonds came alive in October’s first week of trading.
Hiring At US Companies Remained Modest In September
Private payrolls in the US increased 114,000 in September, slightly below an upwardly revised gain of 122,000 in the previous month.
Will Slow US Growth Slip Into Recession?
Today’s September update on US payrolls could be a decisive factor in adjusting the outlook for the economy, for good or ill.
Trade-War Risk Continues To Rise, Threatening US Economy
At what point does economic resilience give way to political reality? No one’s really sure, but the Trump administration continues to press its trade-war policy and the macro blowback continues to mount.
Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes - Wednesday, Oct. 2
The Global Market Index’s expected risk premium ticked higher in September, reaching an annualized 4.7%, up slightly from last month’s estimate.
Major Asset Classes For September 2019 - Performance Review
Foreign stocks in developed markets rebounded in September, posting the strongest performance for the major asset classes last month.
US REITs, Bonds Offered Respite From Last Week’s Equity Losses
Most corners of global markets fell last week—with two conspicuous exceptions: US-listed real estate investment trusts and bonds, based on a set of exchange-traded funds. Otherwise, red ink prevailed.
US Stocks Continue To Lead World’s Major Equity Regions In 2019
Global diversification across equity markets is a dud this year compared with a strategy of favoring American shares.
Wary Investor Sentiment Continues To Favor Long Bonds In 2019
What’s keeping long-dated bonds at the head of this year’s performance ledger for fixed-income markets?
1 to 16 of 1691 Posts
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