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Jack has over 25 years of experience in the currency, equity, and futures arena. He has held key positions in brokerage, investment research, money management, and trading.

Jack is founder and president of Black Swan Capital LLC (a newsletter firm specializing in currency trading and ... more

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US Long Bond View
A zig zag A-B-C with the C-wave rally coincident with stocks selling off and putting in a fresh low. This chart says it all...
US Stocks Vs. AUD/USD: Stocks Into A Near-Term Key Resistance Level...
Stocks are heading into a key retracement level at 2626… so, a break in stocks and Aussie should follow.
Dollar Index Monthly - A Dire View...
Looks a bit dire….but never say never…We do not want to miss the next leg down.
Bank Index And E-Mini S&P... Rally Time On Negative Sentiment?
Banking Index Trying to Bounce? If it does, will the market follow.
USD/CAD Hourly - Still Like The Short Side...
Still liking the USD/CAD short setup... though CAD has a way of disappointing.
A tight 93.4% positive correlation. Looking for both to rally.
EUR/USD Daily EW View...
EUR/USD having trouble at 1.1420...cautiously optimistic despite the resistance....
Maybe A Near-Term Top In 10-Yr Note Futures?
Maybe a near-term top? Bang on key extension into the high.
USD/CAD 240-Min View... Whacked, But Maybe S/T Short Setup?
CAD getting whacked as we know. BOC adding to woes.
USD/EUR Vs. Italy-German 10-Year Spread
Italian bond spreads relative to Germany are off their highs (327 basis points) and down to 281 basis points (by no means out of the woods).
US Dollar Index Versus Oil Weekly View
We are expecting the old correlation of strong dollar-weak oil, and vice versa, again. To that belief, a correction lower in the dollar over the next several weeks (months) would coincide nicely with a much “overdue” correction higher in oil
China Stocks Hit Again This Morning... US Yields Cross-Over Soon?
The incentive to keep hot money in China fades as the US spread gains.
SPY Rallying Into Our Target Zone
SPY rallying off of last nights election results… coming into our target zone… stay tuned.
Black Swan Forex Track Record October 2018: Summary & Detail
We had a nice month overall; though our winning percentage faded later in the month. But it is about how much money you make, not the distributions of wins and losses.
Soybeans Looking Interesting... Confirming Dollar Weakness? Hmmm...
Soybeans (Jan ‘19)… 240-min view… impulse down complete.
The Mundellian Trilemma, China’s Box, And Dollar Risk Bid
The Mundellian trilemma says policy makers can control only two of the three main variables in global finance, but not all three at the same time.
1 to 16 of 129 Posts
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