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Jack has over 25 years of experience in the currency, equity, and futures arena. He has held key positions in brokerage, investment research, money management, and trading.

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Tight Correlation: If You Like Stocks Short; Then You Should Like USD/JPY Short
A further correction lower in stocks likely means USD/JPY follows.
Why China’s Currency Will Not Be Weaponized
Many analysts have been predicting China will “weaponize” its currency; i.e. push it sharply lower against the US dollar as punishment for US trade “aggression”.
Hodgepodge Charts Of The Day
Everyone seems to love the dollar for all the reasons we already know about.
USD/CHF Short Setup Today?
Rally into the 61.8% retrace level...selling the C-wave down.
Oil: A Bearish Alternative...
Everybody is loving oil now.
USD/CAD 240-min Setup: Correcting We Suspect
There are internal extension targets to the 78.6% level--1.3328. But, we are looking for a near-term reversal pattern.
Falling Chinese Currency = Falling Chinese Stocks...?
Capital run out of China, official and unofficial, could get ugly.
Which Horse To Ride: Plausible Competing US Dollar Views
The dollar has been grinding around with little in the way of pack correlation; i.e. some days euro strong and comdols weak.
GBP/USD Daily: Boris Shall Set You Free
The British pound is extremely undervalued should Boris succeed. So, once we get through this near-term turmoil, and if Boris proves successful, we want to own all the British pound we can afford.
Do We Have One More Push Lower In The Dollar Before A Big Rally? Or Is The Bottom In?
We suspect we will see one more push lower in the US dollar index. But, it likely depends on whether or not stocks hold up.
Has The Buck Bottomed? We Don't Know, But A Plausible Alternative Says Yes....
The buck has powered higher, well above our target today. And it now leaves open the key question: Have we seen a dollar low?
Does Spread Matter Anymore In FX? UK - US 2-Yr Spread Vs. GBP/USD
It used to be that spread mattered in the FX world. Maybe it will again someday. Note the big divergence between the direction of the UK-US 2-year interest rate spread and the currency—GBP/USD.
USD/JPY Setup For A Big Trend Move Higher?
After a sharp rally from the low at 104.98; it appears we have seen yet another irregular flat correction.
US-China "Trade Deal" Trade: Long AUD/JPY
If we couple the yen move with the Aussie push lower, we have a very enticing setup for AUD/JPY.
Turkey Vs. South Africa. Which Country Do You Think Has A Brighter Future?
Our bet is on Turkey, despite the near-term concerns. South Africa seems on the path to be the next Zimbabwe unless major changes are made soon.
US Dollar Index Hourly... A Bit Lower Than Higher?
Looking for a push down toward the 78.6% retrace level at 96.225, we want to get long the dollar on any signs of reversal higher.
1 to 16 of 146 Posts
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