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Jack has over 25 years of experience in the currency, equity, and futures arena. He has held key positions in brokerage, investment research, money management, and trading. Jack is founder and president of Black Swan Capital LLC (a newsletter firm specializing in currency trading and global ...more

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Limits To Monetary And Fiscal Policy Methinks...
We have a massively greater amount of debt, that has pushed capital prices higher and higher, creating a greater and greater drag on real growth which creates a further drag on the job market.
Wall Street Loves Japanification Of US Monetary Policy
And it is not so good for the real economy.
Can You Say: It's All One Market--risk Assets?
Gold vs. GBP/USD vs. Index vs. S&P 500 (inverted)…one big happy family moving together.
USD/JPY Not A Bad Hedge Or Cross Here
USD/JPY is showing some progress this morning, though still in a range.
Aussie Turning Over Again...(Last 0.7262)
A break of 0.7246 sets up for a quick test of 0.7189; putting equality at 0.7099 in play.
EUR/USD Weekly View
Momentum turning over on a weekly basis.
Euro Reversing At Key 61.8% Retrace?
Euro may be reversing right on cue at 61.8% retrace. The fx pack is giving back earlier dollar gains.
EUR/GBP ChartView - 240-Min And Weekly
There is a lot of positive sentiment embedded in the price of the euro, not so much in the pound.
Gold: Parabolic Financial Speculation, But Not Inflation!
Gold is in parabolic mode. Everyone loves it. Inflation and safe haven and the end of the dollar are the rationales.
Norwegian Krone: Backdoor Way To Play Euro And Oil Weakness?
USD/NOK has a tight negative correlation with the euro. And as suspected, the currency is also impacted by oil prices.
The Dollar Smile
Does the US economy muddle through, or do we see some global risk reduction soon?
Dollar Bottom? Maybe...
Extending Wave [i] by 100% carries to the low. The trend is your friend until its not.
Dollar Index Vs. Commodities Index - The Negative Correlation Is Intact! Plus Dollar Vs. Macro Cycles
Future guess is Rise of Asia and continued push to replace the dollar as the driver.
FX Vs. Asset Class Correlations Analysis (1-Year Vs 30-Days)
A look at various asset class correlations with key forex.
The Case For The British Pound
Though I think it best now to get past the non-farm payroll reaction tomorrow, the British pound is looking increasingly interesting as a long trade and a long-term hold based on the potential.
Drivers For A Multi-Year Decline In The US Dollar Into Focus
I’ve been suggesting it is the credit market that is key to the US dollar’s path at least intermediate-term (months) and is likely the trigger for a powerful leg down in the buck if key assumptions and guesses prove correct.
1 to 16 of 166 Posts
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