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Gold Is About Value; The Miners Are A Speculation Upon ‘Value’
Gold and gold miners have two completely different utilities.
Post-FOMC Contrarian Window Open
As long as SPX​​​​​​​ remains below the SMA 200 it’s a bear rally only.
Gold Bug Survivors Prepare To Capitalize
It has been a classic washout in the gold stock sector, but if positioned correctly opportunity is setting up
Commodities: Bounce Or Something More?
The commodity complex earned the right to take a hard correction to test the very souls of inflation traders. In becoming deeply oversold and in most cases at clear support, it is time for a bounce.
‘Anti’ Markets
A look at daily charts that are flipped over to a view that is ‘anti’ their normal selves.
Gold/Gold Miners Fundamental Checkup
As they leverage the macro, what’s good for gold is even better for gold miners.
A Pivotal Juncture For Gold, Gold Stocks
Another hot CPI fails to suppress gold.
The Inflation Mutation
What began as ‘monetary’ inflation as usual, has mutated outside of the monetary and into the real world, which the Fed will find not so friendly a place as the make believe world of ‘debt manipulation on demand’.
A Dis-Inflationary Whiff And Its Likely Path
Whether a bounce or something more extended, a bear market rally was bound to get off the ground sooner or later. It was a matter of time, with stock market sentiment this over-bearish.
Macro In Transition: US & Global Stocks, Bonds, USD, Precious Metals & Commodities
It’s always handy to have a general summary view of macro markets. So let’s get to it.
April ISM And The Forward Economic View
The Fed manufactured a product of its own; today’s inflation problem by producing too many paper and digital currency units per finite asset markets.
2022: Still “The Golden Year”
Gold has done nothing unusual and in fact, it has done as would normally be expected.
The Continuum: Through The Limiters
At whatever point inflation, its ‘expectations’ indicators, and associated asset market trades make their highs we can expect a potentially dramatic pullback in the yield at some point.
Yield Curve Inverts; Gold Awaits
It is important to remember that a curve steepening can be driven by inflationary (ref. 2019-2021) forces or deflationary forces.
The Yield Curve Flattener And A Coming Transition
The nature of the yield curve flattener is inflationary, by definition. The Fed is absolutely behind the curve as shown directly above and the bond market is not impressed..
Fed Not Hawkish, Hellflation Or Liquidation Ahead
The Fed would absolutely not want a breakout into more virulent stagflation but fears a reversal and liquidation as well.
1 to 16 of 1538 Posts
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