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An Update On The Silver Bull
On to the weekly chart, while it is likely that silver is on some sort of blow-off move right now the fact that it made the higher high to 2016 calls it a launch, not a final blow-off.
Keep Dancing - Bananas For All!
It was another week of worry and angst outside of the markets (as the virus rages and the economy tanks) but stock prices only care about what monetary and fiscal authorities are doing to the money, the real funny munny.
Gold Miners Still Pushing That Cart Of Rocks Up Hill
Gold/SPX is among the most important macro indicators to a bullish gold mining case as a gold price rising in terms of stocks is the key factor in drawing larger investment (e.g. institutions) to the sector.
The Silver Bull Gateway Is At Hand
Silver and precious metals mining stocks often make dramatic crash lows immediately preceding significant new rallies or bull markets. Silver was in an uptrend before the crash and that was a significant factor to a bullish view, post-crash.
The Big Picture Continuum
In early 2020 we got a real deflationary jolt from which asset markets are still clawing back, with full frontal inflationary support from a Federal Reserve desperate to keep asset owners whole.
Following The Gold Stock Leaders As The Fed Prints
Gold stocks have led the market for a year, and with economic deceleration and Fed policy response that leadership looks to continue.
Gold Sector Correction Is Maturing
Gold had become over-loved by financial refugees in March. They are now buying stocks again.
Gold Stock Correction And Upcoming Opportunity
If HUI does not exit its correction in the short-term it is still a candidate to correct to deeper levels. HUI does not have a gap at its second support area but the GDX ETF and XAU index do.
Silver/Gold Ratio Hits Target; About Those Inflation Indicators
The Silver/Gold Ratio (SGR), a reflationary risk ‘on’ indicator has hit our upside target.
‘Sentiment Event’ Rally Grinds On
As many businesses ground to a halt and unemployment jumped to 14.7% (and that’s only what is counted) the stock market is supposed to go down. Or so many people think.
About Gold Miners And Inflation
Gold miners are not fundamentally helped in the least by cyclical inflation (as gold usually underperforms cyclical items, including mining cost drivers). They are fundamentally impaired.
A ‘Good’ Thursday As Gold Stocks Show The Way
The gold miners are leading the broad markets (with HUI having impaled its 50 and 200-day moving averages to the upside) in their role not as inflation vehicles but as the “gatekeepers of the transition to inflation”.
Why Inflation?
The simple answer is: that is what they are doing, inflating.
Gold Stocks: Peak Bleak?
Amid a few hearty and perma-bullish souls and an increasing group of bearish gold advisers, the gold sector has out-crashed the broad markets and that is tanking sentiment along with it.
Gold Miners: Dismissing The Inflation Bugs
The end of an inflation trade pressures gold stocks because inflation bugs buy during inflationary touts and sell during climactic deflationary phases. But a funny thing happens during the latter. The fundamentals improve.
It Was A Dive Bombing, Not A Carpet Bombing
Gold is bullish. Silver is at support. The miners are bullish. The violence came and may not be done. For some, it may even represent opportunity.
1 to 16 of 1469 Posts
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