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Gold/Silver Ratio, SPX, Yield Curve And A Story To Tell
When viewing the most recent Goldilocks phase, where SPX has gone in positive correlation with the Gold/Silver Ratio we will have to suspend disbelief that this is anything normal or natural.
What Expiring Bubbles Look Like
The Nasdaq bubble popped in 2000 after motoring upward on increasing volume in two separate phases.
The Crazy Train To Bull Eternity
Equities… just stay in and prosper! No problem in real-time because the US stock market always comes back… always.
A Market Festivus
They say that Festivus is the “anti-Christmas”, but in this case, we are going to call it the anti-Christmas Eve as the markets close out 2018’s Christmas Eve massacre.
Wooing Inflation
Pondering the potential deflationary whirlpool that the Fed and other central banks doggedly try not to allow the inflated mess known as the global economy to circle the drain into.
Gold & Silver Stocks Belie CoT Caution
Four producers and one royalty all trending up and saying the same thing; quality is getting a head start and leading the whole raft of items higher in 2020 as the metals work through much needed corrections.
Today Vs. 2012; Different This Time For Gold
Gold bugs will remember 2012 as the last year of hope that gold was still in its bull cycle as it managed to hold key support around 1550 into year-end.
The 2 Horsemen
Global central banks have been pumping the liquidity spigots 24/7 and the US Fed is starting to go that way as well.
Updating The 3 Metallic Amigos And The Macro Message
It is possible that the Q4 2019 party atmosphere could unwind into a bearish first half of 2020.
Silver & Gold To Inform Dr. Copper And So, The Macro
A bearish Q4 2019 is not off the table just yet, but the Silver/Gold ratio will be among the indicators that could disqualify it.
The Gold Stock Correction And What Lay Ahead
It has been about 2 months since the gold stock sector, as represented by the HUI index, topped out.
Inflation In The Offing?
Let’s take a look at some indicators that can come together to let us know when the next inflationary bout is in the offing.
Silver/Gold Ratio Is A Guide As Inflation Signals Fade Again
The interplay between gold and silver is a critical component to understanding what is out ahead; to understanding whether long-term Treasury yields will rise and if they rise, whether it will be due to inflationary pressures.
Semiconductor Sector; A Market & Economic Leader
Semiconductor industry analysts have been projecting an H2 2019 bottom for the Semiconductor sector cycle, after extreme growth followed by inventory buildup whacked the industry in 2018.
Market Management 101: Balance
Sooner rather than later the time for balance will shift to a time to once again lean in a favored direction. At this time the lean projects to be long the gold sector at the next buying opportunity and defensive to bearish on US stocks.
Precious Metals Were Ripe For A Pullback
The time to take some profits was over the last couple of weeks, not now.
1 to 16 of 1449 Posts
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