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Do Ya Feel Lucky, Punk? Gold Gets Hammered But Copper Fails To Seize The Moment
Gold has been clobbered lately but a key metallic macro indicator remains in a long-term congestion zone.
The Inflation/Deflation Debate Wears On…
We have witnessed panic points to the deflationary downside (e.g. 2008 & 2020) and inflationary halt points to the upside (e.g. 2011 and 2018). Today the Continuum is in a middle ground.
Stock Market Risk Not Yet Realized
The ‘but’ is the old saying “markets can remain [seemingly] irrational longer than you can remain solvent” if you fight a trend that is intact at any given point. Since March 2020 that trend has been up.
“Liquidity Alarm”
In the here and now, the market has enough current liquidity to lurch onward without a big bearish event. But at some point it’s going to need more juice. The Gold/Silver ratio is an early indicator of that.
Signs Of Inflationary Reflation Running Low On Gas
The yield curve had been steepening under inflationary pressure and now it is flattening due to dis-inflation or at least a moderation of that pressure.
HUI Technical Status And Gold Stock Fundamentals
A review of the situation in gold stocks.
Will The US Stock Market’s Worsening Breadth Matter?
The US stock market has bad breadth as participation thins out markedly. Below are a few examples.
Updating The Gold Mining Fundamental Macrocosm
Since last summer it has not been the time because cyclical inflation has driven gold (miners’ product) down in relation to cost input commodities, materials, and resources. That is a sector fundamental and it is poor.
Gold’s Inflation Utility
Gold is a monetary metal and as such, its utility is more monetary.
Inflation Cools (For Now), Stag Awaits
A cooling of inflation expectations was needed. The Continuum (monthly chart) is making a little right-side inverted shoulder to match the left one. This cooling of inflationary angst may bring the 30-year yield to 2% or 2.1%.
Inflation: Going Stag
Stagflation is in the offing, unless it's not different this time ...
EC An Inflationary Slingshot
The PPI is the cost set that matters most where economic health is concerned. Consumers have been fed cheap credit on which to deal with their slowly but persistently rising costs.
What A Long And Not So Strange Trip It’s Been For The Gold Miners
HUI​​​​​​​ had far exceeded the Gold/SPX ratio and so it was very vulnerable from a macro fundamental perspective.
The State Of The Macro
It is coming time for a cool down at least if the macro reflation is going to get a second wind.
Buffett Buys A Copper Stock!?
Copper is thrusting upward in the cyclical bull market it broke into a few months ago.
The Gold & Gold Stock Corrections Are Normal
Corrections in Gold and Gold Stocks are completely normal in an inflationary macro market phase.
1 to 16 of 1509 Posts
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