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A Precious Metals Update
Gold vs. developed economy stock markets must rise for a positive macro fundamental backdrop to be in place for the precious metals sector.
Counter-Cyclical Winds Blow, Gold Miners Front And Center
With respect to other fundamentals, the Yield Curve remains a holdout as it continues to flatten, and a decline in confidence is probably early in process.
Fed Doves Take Flight (But We Are Not In Kansas Anymore)
The problem is, we have not yet resolved the distortions from the ZIRP years and if the Fed really is going dovish, that resolution may be dead ahead.
Semiconductor Sector – Watch The Early Bird In 2019
Is the Semi Equipment downturn a real cycle or just a cyclical interruption?
SPX And Gold; Pivotal Points At Hand
If SPX has already bottomed, gold will continue to fall out of favor as long as bulls thunder back into stocks.
Amigos 1 And 2 Arrive, No. 3 Still Out There (As Yield Curve Flattens)
The stock market is not out of the woods, technically. Nominal markets are bouncing as expected to logical resistance areas.
The Men Who Stare At Charts: Decades Of Disinflation And 7 Years Post-Op Twist
Introducing an all too busy long-term (monthly) view of the Gold/Silver ratio, along with some key nominal markets.
Cyclical Assets Vs. Gold
Gold, being outside the constellation of risk ‘on’ assets does not pay any income, does not leverage good economic times and does not inherently involve risk because it is a marker of stable value.
Jerome ‘Dead Eye’ Powell
I believe that the Fed did what it perceived it had to do because the Obama administration’s fiscal policy was a drag, not a stimulant to the economy.
How Low Could The S&P 500 Go?
SPX is in a volatile phase with key moving averages not yet triggered but moving in that direction while the market’s indicators shown below flash ‘high risk’.
Gold Stocks Acting As They Should During Market Stress
The macro has moved through a time of moderately rising inflationary concerns when economies were cycling up, many commodities were firm and risk was ‘on’.
“Harbinger Of Doom”: Amigo 3 In Play, But Real Doom Awaits
“The Harbinger of Doom”? Of course, we (well, the media) are talking about the yield curve AKA Amigo #3 of our 3 happy-go-lucky riders of the macro.
A Post-Powell View Of USD, S&P 500 And Gold
What is expected of our two main themes, the cyclical and risk ‘on’ stock market and the counter-cyclical and risk ‘off’ gold and the miners, which leverage gold’s counter-cyclical utility? Let’s check in after this week’s events.
Thanksgiving For Proper Gold Stock Fundamentals
All through the bear market hopeful rationalizations were served up for a bullish case on the gold miners.
Slowly We Turn… Gold Vs.
Let’s take an in-day snapshot of gold vs. several key competitors and check the progress in turning the macro from risk ‘on’ to risk ‘off’, cyclical to counter-cyclical.
Cyclical Commodities Continue To Weaken, Gold Moves In Relation
Crude Oil and Industrial Metals continue downward.
1 to 16 of 1415 Posts
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