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Why Inflation?
The simple answer is: that is what they are doing, inflating.
Gold Stocks: Peak Bleak?
Amid a few hearty and perma-bullish souls and an increasing group of bearish gold advisers, the gold sector has out-crashed the broad markets and that is tanking sentiment along with it.
Gold Miners: Dismissing The Inflation Bugs
The end of an inflation trade pressures gold stocks because inflation bugs buy during inflationary touts and sell during climactic deflationary phases. But a funny thing happens during the latter. The fundamentals improve.
It Was A Dive Bombing, Not A Carpet Bombing
Gold is bullish. Silver is at support. The miners are bullish. The violence came and may not be done. For some, it may even represent opportunity.
Inflation (Lack Of) Expectations
Here are some pictures of failing inflation, despite a still brisk economy and economic data like the big bounce in the Philly Fed and it’s respondents’ expectations of higher prices to be charged going forward.
“We Will Use Those Tools…”
When the debt edifice does unwind, nothing is going to stop it.
HUI Daily, Weekly & Monthly Charts
HUI Weekly is and has been an attractive specimen. That has been the case as long as it has held the 220 area support on the Cup’s handle-making.
Perspective On The Long-Term Gold CoT
There is much more volume interest in gold now and so it follows that the net positioning of players within the market will be much greater as well.
Gold/Silver Ratio, SPX, Yield Curve And A Story To Tell
When viewing the most recent Goldilocks phase, where SPX has gone in positive correlation with the Gold/Silver Ratio we will have to suspend disbelief that this is anything normal or natural.
What Expiring Bubbles Look Like
The Nasdaq bubble popped in 2000 after motoring upward on increasing volume in two separate phases.
The Crazy Train To Bull Eternity
Equities… just stay in and prosper! No problem in real-time because the US stock market always comes back… always.
A Market Festivus
They say that Festivus is the “anti-Christmas”, but in this case, we are going to call it the anti-Christmas Eve as the markets close out 2018’s Christmas Eve massacre.
Wooing Inflation
Pondering the potential deflationary whirlpool that the Fed and other central banks doggedly try not to allow the inflated mess known as the global economy to circle the drain into.
Gold & Silver Stocks Belie CoT Caution
Four producers and one royalty all trending up and saying the same thing; quality is getting a head start and leading the whole raft of items higher in 2020 as the metals work through much needed corrections.
Today Vs. 2012; Different This Time For Gold
Gold bugs will remember 2012 as the last year of hope that gold was still in its bull cycle as it managed to hold key support around 1550 into year-end.
The 2 Horsemen
Global central banks have been pumping the liquidity spigots 24/7 and the US Fed is starting to go that way as well.
1 to 16 of 1464 Posts
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