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Precious Metals End Of Week Technical, CoT And Fundamental Status
A steepening yield curve would directly inform this still bearish (or at best, harshly consolidating) indicator, Gold vs. S&P 500.
Goldilocks Now, But She’ll Be Vanquished
There is a difference between being contrary and willingly bullish and being compelled to be bullish. I don’t like the feeling of that second thing very much.
Precious Metals: Wash, Rinse…
From the February high to today’s low HUI has done a lot of good work tamping down the sentiment backdrop. Sentiment is getting cleaned up and that has been necessary since February.
Gold And Silver Still On The Road To A Low Risk Setup
Silver looks particularly lame, but ironically this is the metal I am expecting to bottom first.
A Key US Dollar Fundamental
The Fed is doing what it would normally do when given weak signals from the bond market (strong bonds, weakening yields) and going into dove mode. But the stock market has gotten no such memo about weakening.
Palladium, PALL/Gold Ratio, SPX And The Gold Sector
A pop in the palladium bubble means something, just like the silver pop meant something in Q1 2011.
Yield Curves, 2yr Yield, SPX (And A Crack Up Boom?)
The stock market is rallying as the Fed rate will go flat (at best) in 2019.
Monetary Metals On Keynes, Inflation And Evil Itself
Today yields again sit comfortably below the Continuum’s limiter and so the macro is at peace and so, for now, the inflation can be promoted once again.
Hurdles For Gold Stocks
Gold stocks have made massive gains during phases where their fundamentals eroded and we have several analytical angles showing them as currently very undervalued.
Gold Sentiment Lesson #3,000
The number in the title is in honor of the boldest forecast burped up by the gold community in February as the metal (and the miners) jerked upward and jerked the holdout would-be enthusiasts into the market.
Gold Bullhorns Quieted For A Day, At Least
Over in the gold patch, things went from disinterested and downright antagonistic to sleepy to ferociously over bullish.
A Precious Metals Update
Gold vs. developed economy stock markets must rise for a positive macro fundamental backdrop to be in place for the precious metals sector.
Counter-Cyclical Winds Blow, Gold Miners Front And Center
With respect to other fundamentals, the Yield Curve remains a holdout as it continues to flatten, and a decline in confidence is probably early in process.
Fed Doves Take Flight (But We Are Not In Kansas Anymore)
The problem is, we have not yet resolved the distortions from the ZIRP years and if the Fed really is going dovish, that resolution may be dead ahead.
Semiconductor Sector – Watch The Early Bird In 2019
Is the Semi Equipment downturn a real cycle or just a cyclical interruption?
SPX And Gold; Pivotal Points At Hand
If SPX has already bottomed, gold will continue to fall out of favor as long as bulls thunder back into stocks.
1 to 16 of 1426 Posts
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