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We are in a quest to redefine investment research, applying value investing to today's technologies and business models in search for asymmetric risk-reward.

Since its inception in 2015, the IW Portfolio has yielded 206%, representing 38% annual compounded returns and outperforming ... more

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Facebook, Shame And Profits: The Long Thesis
Facebook's multi-billion dollar commitment to safety may not appease regulators, but will elevate Facebook's barrier to entry even higher.
EC HH Who Is Who In China Retail
We explore the current status of the thriving Chinese retail ecosystem, and the increasing clustering of the myriad retail players into either one of two large, dominant camps: the Alibaba camp and the Tencent camp.
E The Time Has Come For Apple To Buy Tesla
The Apple-Tesla merger has been suggested before. But things have changed: technology is blurring industry boundaries and Tesla wants to change its ownership structure.
SolarEdge Q2 2018: Huawei Looms Large On The Horizon
In 2018, SolarEdge is navigating a flattish solar market in North America, which is responsible for about half of the revenues.
Tesla Is Going Private - A Message To Shorts
Elon Musk has hinted at a $420/share go-private offer for Tesla, which would mark the end of an era for Tesla stock.
Adding To The Portfolio
As long as keeps cementing its dominant position with limited amounts of cash burn and share dilution, chances are that meaningful shareholder value is being created.
Google Q2 2018: AI And Cloud Driving The Show
In Q2 2018, Alphabet delivered another strong top-line quarter, with FX-neutral revenue up 23% YoY, just as in Q1.
An Introduction To Spain’s Number 1 REIT: Merlin Properties
The stock offers investors the opportunity to diversify into REITs, which are less vulnerable to broader market swings, and into a growing European market.
Ambev Brewery: Excellent Business, Down 40% And Still Expensive
Ambev, the largest Latin American brewer, is an excellent business: 25% FCF margin, 20%+ ROC and expected mid-to-high single digit growth.
Asset Allocation For H2 2018: Stocks And Cash Equivalents
Passive asset allocation strategies are straightforward and better than no strategy, but cannot be expected to yield first-class results.
Activision Blizzard: Time To Take Gains
The stock appreciation has increased risk and reduced the potential. Today, we would be placing Activision Blizzard in the bottom-left cell of the IW Box: small uncertain margin of safety. And with smaller potential.
Palo Alto Networks FQ3: Reiterating The Long Thesis On Game-Changing Developments
Palo Alto Networks' 3rd evolution, the Application Framework, finds a fitting CEO in Nikesh Arora. Stock-based compensation containment and accelerated growth have revitalized the bullishness.
The Relation Between Growth And Value
Most investors are obsessed with growth. And the right type of growth can indeed produce mind blowing investment returns over the years.
Foot Locker Long Thesis, In A Nutshell
Retail is undergoing a period of unprecedented transformation. Some retailers, will not survive the transformation. I believe that Foot Locker belongs to the group of the survivors.
L Brands: A Call To Action To CEO Les Wexner, And A Present
L Brands stock has overreacted to a soft April sales release.
SolarEdge Q1 2018: Becoming A Smart Energy Company
SolarEdge reported another impressive quarter and announced that is entering the UPS business with the purchase of Gamatronic's assets.
1 to 16 of 24 Posts
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