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Harry S. Dent Jr. studied economics in college in the 1970s, receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. Harry grew to find the study of economics vague and inconclusive and became so disillusioned by ... more


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Start Investing Like The Mafia Now
In this video, I elaborate on three principles you must focus on between now and 2020. And I share two other, less radical but equally inspirational, examples of how investors and businesses took advantage of the last sale of a lifetime.
China: A Clear And Present Danger
omething important just happened in China… China just surpassed the U.S. in retail sales by hitting $5.64 trillion compared to the U.S.’s $5.53 trillion.
Why I Still Believe This Isn’t A Market Crash
This turmoil still looks more like a correction than a crash. Here's why...
Dow Down 831 Points Yesterday - Is This The Beginning Of The End?
What a difference a day makes. The Dow lost 831 points yesterday. Is this it? Is this the start of the greatest crash in our lifetimes?
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