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Harry S. Dent Jr. studied economics in college in the 1970s, receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. Harry grew to find the study of economics vague and inconclusive and became so disillusioned by ... more


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Miami The First U.S. Real Estate Bubble To Burst?
All it takes is one prominent market to have a crash to get investors spooked and lenders downright paranoid. Based on the “crane indicator” alone, Miami does look like the first major market to blow and many more will follow.
The Wealth Effect
When people’s wealth and financial assets rise, they feel more able to spend, especially on big ticket items like cars and houses. Oh, and artificially lower interest rates from QE also lower the cost of financing those.
Major Bitcoin Break Down Suggests The Same For Stocks
Yesterday, Bitcoin made its break down out of a large triangle pattern that was coming to a make or break point. This was no shabby break. Bitcoin was down over $1,500, $1,000 of that in 30 minutes as it first broke key resistance at $9,400.
Upper Class Median Income 2.4 Times The Middle Class
The upper class at 19% currently has 2.4 times the median income of the middle class in 2016 vs. 2.2 times in 1970.
WeWork - Another Wacky IPO: Sign Of A Top Coming
Simon Black recently put out an interesting expose about WeWork and its astronomically valued IPO and here's the dirty little truth about WeWork...
History Doesn’t Agree With The Pundits Who Say Stocks Aren’t Overvalued
Two things should be obvious: We are in a totally artificial recovery due only to global printing of $13 trillion and more recently, tax cuts; and this is now the longest rally and economic recovery in U.S. exceeding 10 years.
The Cycle Variation That Points To A 2023 Bottom
Down waves in the Sunspot Cycle have been increasing in length and as a percentage of the cycles after the last major peak in intensity in 1957. Ever since that year, sunspot cycles have peaked lower and taken longer to bottom.
Why King Dollar Won’t Be Dethroned Anytime Soon
The U.S dollar will remain the global reserve currency for longer than anyone expects. In fact, as we head into the next financial crisis, the dollar is going to soar.
Why You Should Care About The New Prime Minister Of Greece
Yesterday, Greece got a new Prime Minister, after its New Democracy party won the weekend election. A center-right party. That’s significant, as I explain in the video I recorded for you today to discuss this important event.
The Tipping Point: Could Trump Win The 2020 Election?
I hate politics. I hate that it’s inescapable. What I don’t hate is the investment opportunities the 2020 election will present us...
Good News, Bad News, Markets Don’t Care
If the current correction doesn’t crash down much harder by early February, then a final blow-off rally would be most consistent with past major bubbles, especially the ones that hit on this 90-year cycle.
China’s Grand Belt And Road Initiative: Another Overbuilding Debt Bomb
China doesn’t just print money like the rest of the developed world. Instead, it “prints” condos… and roads, railways, bridges, office buildings, and malls. All with less visible local debt that the Chinese government implicitly guarantees.
2 Scenarios For The May 2019 Market Correction
Regardless of the reason, a correction was overdue … and I’m glad it’s finally taking place because it sets up the Dark Window finale perfectly.
The Dangers Beyond The China-U.S. Trade War
U.S. markets have had a bad week. The Dow had its worst day yesterday since January 3. From the sounds of it, investors are unhappy with The Donald’s China trade deal tweets on Sunday.
How We’ll See Deficits At $40 Trillion In A Few Short Years
The levels of global and U.S. debt are way beyond concerning. They’re also way beyond being repayable.
Home Prices’ Rapid Decline Warns Of Recession Ahead
Real estate takes longer to sell and freezes up faster than stocks, so caution is warranted now. Stocks are likely to run harder than ever into late 2019 or very early 2020. After that, expect a recession, and ultimately a depression to set in.
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