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Harry S. Dent Jr. studied economics in college in the 1970s, receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. Harry grew to find the study of economics vague and inconclusive and became so disillusioned by ... more

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Amidst The Chaos… The Big Picture
With mind-blowing but totally predictable stimulus programs, you would think the markets would be high on crack again… but most signs point to one more surge downward – albeit not as violent or sharp as the last.
Italy’s Coronavirus End In Sight?
The markets fell after the Fed took its first massive shot across the bow into Sunday, March 15, then barely reacted to the ultimate unlimited quantitative easing pledge to follow.
Forget The Bazooka, The Fed Just Went Full Cannon
This virus is the trigger for the greatest bubble in history to deleverage – the best part is that money printing can’t stop the virus, only cushion the economic impacts. But it’s not all about the virus as its impact is very short term.
Markets Trying To Find A Near-Term Bottom
The market is making its first attempt to find at least a short-term bottom. I don’t think we are there yet, but we may get a decent bounce first to allow the risk-averse to get out.
Stocks Crashing Again Despite Fed Super Bazooka
For years, everyone has told me that the central banks will just keep printing more money to prevent a downturn, and I have said, “they will simply lose credibility at some point”.
Stock Scenarios Amidst The Coronavirus
Stocks finally bounced 1,167 Dow points on Tuesday, but already gave back 750 points on the open today. I’ll give two preliminary scenarios today, but let’s review some key facts first.
The Black Swan Coronavirus
Do governments and central banks respond strong enough for the markets to see a strong initial rebound out of this crash?
The Real Black Swan
The coronavirus is what I call a real “black swan”. Something that comes out of the left field and is different enough from past such pandemics.
The Federal Reserve Bank Has No Clothes
The Fed might be a financial emperor with no clothes, but as long as people believe, then they can keep the fantasy going.
China: The Emperor Has No Clothes
China has over-expanded, urbanized too rapidly and, has excess capacity in everything from empty condos to cement factories. It is the epicenter of the greatest and most global bubble in modern history, and it will fall the hardest.
Just A Corona Correction?
The markets on crack have largely ignored the coronavirus, which obviously could be a potential game-changer.
The Coronavirus Goes Global
When such a deadly virus hits, the first stage is always containment, as has occurred rapidly in China. But when it starts to spread past its origin more rapidly, it gets a life of its own.
The Fate Of Final Rallies
This final bull market peak is now months away, not years, as many are suggesting.
Fed Continues On High Side Of Sideways In Stimulus Since End Of 2019
The printing of money to buy repos and T-bills reached a peak of $424 billion in late December and has moved sideways since and was at $418 billion last Thursday.
Tesla Bubbling Up
Elon Musk was looking like a crazy man in June of 2019 when Tesla stock plunged to a low of $179. But now he’s a real genius, with the stock peaking at $969 on February 4.
Propping Up The Economy
In September, the Fed suddenly injected $60 billion because repo rates had jumped up to 10% overnight. Banks weren’t lending, so the Fed stepped in. Now we may be heading towards a higher balance sheet, printing money faster than ever.
1 to 16 of 249 Posts
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