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Harry S. Dent Jr. studied economics in college in the 1970s, receiving his MBA from Harvard Business School, where he was a Baker Scholar and was elected to the Century Club for leadership excellence. Harry grew to find the study of economics vague and inconclusive and became so disillusioned by ... more

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We’re Seeing Frothy Stocks
Here’s an interesting divergence. Just as stocks head straight up since early October into what looks like the final blow-off phase of this bubble, 97% of corporate CFOs see a recession starting by the end of 2020.
A Worldwide Whirlwind: Will The Markets Sit Tight?
Brexit, Iran, the China trade deal, the USMCA, and of course Trump’s impeachment all have the potential to seriously shift the financial markets...
It’s Repo Madness
The Fed thought it could taper its balance sheet and QE stimulus… and the financial system is telling them, “No way! We need this liquidity to survive as we are still largely insolvent”.
The Great Stock Overvaluing
If anyone tells you the market isn’t that overvalued… just give them a little slap and keep walking.
On The Soleimani Assassination
With the world awaitings Iran’s imminent response to the Soleimani Assassination, and with Trump threatening the worst if they do, things could escalate fast. This short-term crisis should also be the biggest factor in the stock market.
The First Five Days
Historically the first five days of market action are indicative of the direction we’ll take for the next 12 months. And already things have been somewhat positive.
The Fed’s Big, Red Flag
This “little repo crisis” is a big snapback with more to come.
Asia Dominates Next Four-Season Cycle
South Asia will be the largest region of Asia and the most dominant by 2065 when the next winter season sets in globally.
Global Growth Falling: First China, Now India
The central banks’ job of keeping this big, fat ugly bubble going is just going to get harder.
Housing Bubbles Are Bad For The Economy…
Most buyers today are over their kid-raising cycle when they most need those houses and more space. That doesn’t make sense… except in QE and “Bubbleland”.
Growth Of The Asian Tigers
Japan’s Spending Wave peaked in 1996. South Korea peaked recently, in 2018… 22 years later. Taiwan will be the last to peak in a plateau between 2023 and 2026. Basically, the unique and rapid Tiger trend is over.
Managing Money Velocity
Money velocity measures whether a country is investing its money productively to create continued growth.
What Does Wall Street See That These Charts Don’t?
Wall Street continues to be convinced that the economy is edging back up again after a stall following the tax cut boost and near 3% GDP figures in 2018.
Miami The First U.S. Real Estate Bubble To Burst?
All it takes is one prominent market to have a crash to get investors spooked and lenders downright paranoid. Based on the “crane indicator” alone, Miami does look like the first major market to blow and many more will follow.
The Wealth Effect
When people’s wealth and financial assets rise, they feel more able to spend, especially on big ticket items like cars and houses. Oh, and artificially lower interest rates from QE also lower the cost of financing those.
Major Bitcoin Break Down Suggests The Same For Stocks
Yesterday, Bitcoin made its break down out of a large triangle pattern that was coming to a make or break point. This was no shabby break. Bitcoin was down over $1,500, $1,000 of that in 30 minutes as it first broke key resistance at $9,400.
1 to 16 of 231 Posts
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