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E Elliott Wave Analysis: GBPUSD In A Three-Wave Rise
GBPUSD is also rising, now trading above the upper Elliott wave channel line, which is connected from 1.3177 high.
E S&P 500 Eyeing 3050 Region
S&P 500 made clear five-waves from the 2319 level, where a bigger corrective wave IV) as part of a bigger cycle had ended.
E Coffee And USD/BRL Correlations!
USD/BRL has a really nice bearish setup, especially with that sharp decline after only three waves of an A-B-C correction that can be already confirming a bearish reversal.
E USD/CAD Eyeing 1.315
USDCAD is turning sharply down from a new high where we called a potential top last week after an ending diagonal in wave c of Y of B).
E Bund And EUR/USD Working Together; EUR/USD Aims Higher
I think that this market is about to top soon since we can count five waves up from mid-April, and if that’s going to be the case then EUR/USD will find buyers based on negative correlation.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude Oil In A Big Bearish Drop!
Crude oil has recently been trading in a higher degree wave B correction, that is part of a three-wave reversal down from 77.7 region.
E BTC/USD Strongly And Firmly Towards 8000 Region
As expected, Bitcoin is moving strongly and impulsively within wave »v«.
E AUDUSD In A Three-Wave Pullback; Resistance Around 0.739/0.745!
AUDUSD has been trading bearish in 2018; it unfolded a five-wave impulsive movement which is now being retraced.
E Bitcoin Cash At The Start Of A Bullish Run
On BCH/USD we have seen a huge extension towards 350 area for wave "iii", where price slowed down in wave "iv" correction that can look for support ideally at previous wave A/1 swing high, around 38,2% - 50% Fibonacci retracement and 230-220 level.
E Dash Is Aiming For 150 Level
Dash is still trading in a three-wave (a)-(b)-(c) correction, but we are tracking now a wave "iv" of a higher degree that can find a support here around 110-100 area since we noticed a bearish triangle in wave (b).
E Crude Oil And AUD/NZD Intraday Price Movement
Elliott wave analysis on Crude oil and AUDNZD.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: USDCHF Points Higher
USDCHF made a new sharp rally yesterday from the 1.012 level, which we believe can be the first sign of a completed wave 4 correction, and that wave 5 can be in progress.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: German DAX Eyeing 12400/12500 Area For A Temporary Top
DAX is bullish since the end of March when the index turned up into a higher degree wave three. Wave three is an impulsive wave, meaning it subdivides into five smaller waves before this move can be finished.
Dollar Index Moves Out Of A Triangle
The USD Dollar index moved out of a triangle and broke higher into a fifth wave. But remember wave 5 is final leg of a five wave structure, so the question is: is a reversal icoming?
E Triangle On Monero Points Higher - EW Update
Has Monero finally finished that bullish triangle in wave (iv)?
E Nikkei And USD/JPY Aiming Higher
The 10Y US Notes is doing very well here after a broken long-term channel support line connected from November 2018.
1 to 16 of 452 Posts
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