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Grega is based in Slovenia and has been involved in markets since 2003. He is the owner of, but before that he was working for Capital Forex Group and His feature articles have been published on: ... more

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E USD/TRY Into A Big Correction
USD/TRY made a five-wave recovery as seen on the daily chart, up from August of 2019.
E Silver In A Big Correction
Silver is trading in a bigger, complex W-X-Y correction, down from August highs. At the moment we are tracking a sub-wave C of Y, down from 25.97 level, where sub-wave B correction fully unfolded its three-wave move.
Gold Is Coming Into Strong Support Area
Gold is in consolidation mode since August, but we see it now approaching strong technical support.
AUD Can Do Better Than NZD In Risk-On
Commodity currencies have been in a pullback in the last two months, as risk-on trend started slowing down due to higher coronavirus cases and second lockdowns. Australian dollar lost more of the value than NZD when comparing it to USD.
E Bullish Looking Treasury Bonds May Push USD/JPY Even Lower
A bullish reversal on 10Y US Notes may send USD/JPY even lower.
E SP500: Ongoing Consolidation May Not Be Over Yet
SP500 remains in range after US presidential debate.
E GBP/JPY Anticipating A Bear Move
GBP/JPY made a five-wave drop from the 142.69 level, which confirms a change in trend, and a minimum, three-wave reversal to be underway.
E Bears Underway On EUR/AUD
EUR/AUD is bearish, however, sideways price activity since June of 2020 can be part of a corrective pause within a bigger trend.
E German DAX Is Bullish
German DAX is unfolding a five-wave sideways pattern on the 4h time frame charts.
Is Risk-On Back? AUD/JPY Vs Stocks
S&P 500 moved into some interesting support last week, with very slow price action and overlapping wave structure that gives us an idea for a potential ending diagonal in wave C or maybe even a leading diagonal in wave A from the highs.
E Silver In A Correction
Silver is trading in a three-wave a-b-c correction for a higher degree wave 4.
E USD/JPY In Final Stages Of A Correction
USD/JPY can be making a complex, seven-swing corrective decline, down from 111.72 level.
E USD/CAD In A Bearish Impulse
USDCAD is in a five-wave bearish move, down from 1.467 level, labeled as a higher degree wave C.
E GBP/AUD Bears Underway
GBP/AUD is dropping rapidly, now seen in the fifth wave of a higher degree wave A), which started in March of this year.
E GBP/JPY In A Bearish Reversal
GBP/JPY is dropping sharply, which confirms a high in place for a higher degree wave C) of C), and a minimum, three-wave reversal to be underway.
E AUD/USD Make A Minimum Three-Leg Bearish Reversal
AUD/USD has completed a five-wave recovery within a higher degree wave 5, as price started turning in an impulsive fashion from the highs.
1 to 16 of 579 Posts
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