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E DSHUSD Elliott Wave Analysis - Looks To Slide Down
DSHUSD who can be finishing wave "e", so watch out for a reversal down, now that we are approaching the end of week and month.
E Ripple Elliott Wave Analysis Points Lower
Ripple, XRP/USD is still pointing lower for wave (v) of extended wave "v" of C but seems like we may see a bigger correction within sub-wave (iv) that can be either a triangle or flat.
E ATOMUSD And BANDUSD Elliott Wave Analysis: Recovery Seems Ahead
Crypto market has recovered with five waves on the smaller time frame, so seems like a new three-wave A-B-C recovery is in progress, but nothing bullish yet.
E Bitcoin And Galaxy Digital Holding Search Bottom Before Rally
Galaxy Digital Holding, one of the most popular Crypto-related stocks has now just like BTC is five waves down from the highs.
E GBP/USD Eyes On 1.3700 - 1.3600 Level Support
GBP/USD is coming down after only an intraday three-wave bounce to 1.39 so we see that as a corrective rally that belongs to ongoing weakness.
E Crude Oil Has Support At 70-69 Area
Crude oil is coming down after Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) have reached a compromise over the oil production deal.
E Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis
Ethereum ETH/USD remains slow and sideways, so we are still tracking a bearish running triangle pattern of wave B that can send the price even lower for wave C.
E Elrond And Chainlink Elliott Wave Analysis
Elrond, EGLDUSD is one of those coins who made a strong and impulsive five-wave cycle from the lows that can be already signal for a potential bottom.
E Dogecoin, Tron And Elrond Seem Strong
We can see stronger rebound and recovery on some Altcoins that can be a signal for the bottom.
E EURUSD Eyes Down To 1.1800-1.1750 Support
EURUSD is coming sharply down and there can be room for more weakness in the short-term to complete a five-wave cycle for wave C/3 around the first 1.1800/1.1750 support zone.
Bitcoin: BTCUSD Made Another Recovery
BTCUSD made another recovery, but so far in three waves only, which indicates a corrective movement.
E Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis - May Retest Lows
BTC/USD made another recovery, but so far in three waves only, which indicates a corrective movement, so the ideal scenario would be an ending diagonal.
E Gold May Slide Lower As USD/CHF Trades Higher
Considering a negative correlation between USD/CHF and gold, then both may resume their trend for the 5th wave.
E LINKUSD Elliott Wave Analysis - Be Aware Of Another Leg Down
LINKUSD remains under bearish pressure after a break out of wave B triangle. It looks like there's room for more weakness within wave C which should be completed by a five-wave cycle.
E Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Elliott Wave Analysis
We can see a solid, strong bounce in the Crypto market, but we have three waves up on the intraday basis at the moment, so no confirmation for the bottom yet, and watch out for another decline
E Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis
Looking at Bitcoin seems like it can be still trading within a bearish triangle formation where wave E is still missing, but other major ALTcoins look very bearish within a five-wave cycle.
1 to 16 of 649 Posts
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