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Grega is based in Slovenia and has been involved in markets since 2003. He is the owner of, but before that he was working for Capital Forex Group and His feature articles have been published on:,, Action forex, Forex TV, Istockanalyst, ... more

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GBTC Suggesting Bullish Bitcoin
The Grayscale Bitcoin Investment Trust may have bottomed and it's already forming an intraday bullish setup formation, which can push Bitcoin even higher.
USDJPY Is Turning Down After A Completed Wedge Pattern
USDJPY found at least a temporary top after we spotted an ending diagonal (wedge) pattern.
Crypto Market Is Ready For A New Bull Run
Crypto market hits strong and key weekly support from where we can expect a new bull run. Looking at the logarithmic scale chart of Crypto total market cap, we can still see recent decline as a correction within uptrend.
Aussie Is Bullish As USD Turns Down - All Eyes On RBA
USD Index breaking down from a corrective intraday price action, be aware of more upside on Aussie after pullback.
USD Index Trying To Break Down After FOMC Decision
USD is turning down and stocks are higher, so it appears that the market believes that economic data will be bad in the upcoming weeks.
USD Turns Bearish And What That Means For Other Markets
USD has turned down recently as stocks stabilized. ECB raised rates more than expected so it seems that the EUR/USD currency pair can go higher from here.
Elliott Wave Analysis: AUDUSD Is Turning Bullish
The Australian dollar is looking bullish after recent break out of a wedge pattern.
EUR/USD Elliott Wave Analysis Ahead Of ECB
Five waves down on EUR/USD appears completed, so be aware of a technical reaction higher in three waves as traders wait on ECB's decision this Thursday.
Elliott Wave Analysis: MATIC Hits Key Support
MATICUSD looks corrective within uptrend and it's trading at key support for wave 4.
Elliott Waves On DXY Ahead Of NFP Data
NFP report will be important today. If the numbers would come out bad, stocks can stabilize and USD may come down from resistance.
Elliott Wave Analysis: AMD Stock Can Be Supportive For Bitcoin
Advanced Micro Devices stock is seen in wave four pullback, now moving into 70/75 support. Bounce can have a positive impact on Bitcoin.
USDJPY Can Be Finishing Wedge Pattern
USDJPY keeps trading higher, but potential ending diagonal/wedge pattern may limit the gains for 5th wave.
Recovery On Treasury Bonds Signals Temporary Top On USDJPY
10Y US Notes (treasury bonds) is in recovery mode that can slow down USDJPY pair after both assets completed five-wave cycle.
DAX And NIKKEI Are Trading At Support
German DAX and Japanese NIKKEI stock indexes can be forming nice and clean bullish setup formation from Elliott wave perspective.
Crypto Market Is At Strong Support Zone
Crypto market is trading at strong support zone, as we see it nearing important levels based on many other evidences.
Bitcoin Is Pointing Lower For The Final 5th Wave
Bitcoin is trading in a five-wave impulsive decline, where final 5th wave is still missing.
1 to 16 of 784 Posts
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