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Grega is based in Slovenia and has been involved in markets since 2003. He is the owner of, but before that he was working for Capital Forex Group and His feature articles have been published on: ... more

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E USD/CAD In A Bearish Impulse
USDCAD is in a five-wave bearish move, down from 1.467 level, labeled as a higher degree wave C.
E GBP/AUD Bears Underway
GBP/AUD is dropping rapidly, now seen in the fifth wave of a higher degree wave A), which started in March of this year.
E GBP/JPY In A Bearish Reversal
GBP/JPY is dropping sharply, which confirms a high in place for a higher degree wave C) of C), and a minimum, three-wave reversal to be underway.
E AUD/USD Make A Minimum Three-Leg Bearish Reversal
AUD/USD has completed a five-wave recovery within a higher degree wave 5, as price started turning in an impulsive fashion from the highs.
E USDNOK In A Bullish Turn
USDNOK is turning from the lower side of an Elliott wave channel line in impulsive fashion, and breaking above the upper Elliott wave channel line, which confirms a completed five-wave decline and a low in place.
E Intel Corporation Aiming For 2020 Highs
Intel corporation can be trading in a bullish impulse, up from 2008.
E More Upside After A Triangle On Ripple
Ripple is trading bullish since June, and as we can see price is unfolding an impulsive move. We see a completed first leg i, corrective leg ii, and an extended leg iii, so latest sideways price activity can belong to a corrective wave iv.
E A Big Flat On USD/CAD
USD/CAD can be trading in a big, bullish cycle, however price activity from start of 2016 suggests the pair is being trapped in a complex correction of a higher degree wave IV.
E AUD/JPY Aiming For 79.5/81.0 Region
AUD/JPY is bullish since March of 2020, and it looks like it will continue its five-wave, bigger recovery.
E NZDJPY Eyeing 73.6/74.2 Zone
NZDJPY is similar to AUDJPY recovering; we see NZDJPY breaking out of a corrective channel, which is a confirmation that wave 4 of a higher degree wave A is completed at 68.71 level, and that wave 5 is underway.
E NZDUSD In A Bull Run
NZDUSD is bullish from March of 2020, and is unfolding a five-wave recovery.
E Ending Diagonal On USD/CAD Suggests A Reversal!
USD/CAD is unfolding a bearish impulse, down from 1.371 level, which can be in final stages.
E Market Analysis: NZD/JPY, USD/MXN, Gold, Nikkei
NZD/JPY can be trading in a five-wave recovery from 59.45 level.
E Soybean Meal Making A Bearish Flat
Soybean meal made a five-wave decline, down from 336.4 level, which is a strong indicator that bears are taking charge in the near-term.
E Bears All Over EUR/AUD
EUR/AUD made a firm drop, down from 1.98 high, which was set in March. We can see that price made a five-wave development, which is the first evidence for a bearish trend being made.
E Crude Oil Suggests A Reversal Down
Crude oil is making a recovery from a minor triangle correction located in a sub-wave b), which means prices can still climb higher within a wave five of an Elliott wave ending diagonal, and can later stop at $44.00.
1 to 16 of 567 Posts
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