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Market Analysis: Gold And USD/CHF
USD/CHF made a five-wave drop from the 1.024 area.
E Potentially Completed Triangle On Crude Oil Points Below 42.0 Area
Crude oil made a three-wave A)-B)-C) pullback within wave E from the 50.48 level and found resistance, and a potential turning point at the 58.69 level.
E BTC/USD Turning Towards 11200/11700
After a clear five-wave move up into wave (a) from the 9300 area, we can see that price made an expected three-wave retracement.
E German DAX At 12400/12475 Potential Resistance
German DAX is recovering in a bigger, three-wave manner from the 11262 low, with price now particularly unfolding sub-wave C) of B.
E NZDUSD Facing Bearish Turn Near 0.645/0.648 Area
NZDUSD is recovering in a five-wave manner, up from September lows. Price can now be in wave v) with potential resistance/turn near the 0.645/0.647 area, where Fib. ratios of 1.618 and the upper Elliott wave channel line sit.
E Long-Term View On Gold Looks Bearish
On the weekly chart of gold, we see price trading in a higher degree wave B correction from the lows, which can be part of a gigantic A-B-C decline, down from 1922 highs.
E Bitcoin At Key Support Level
Bitcoin is trading at lows and key support level.
E A 290-350 Pip Pullback On Cable?
GBPUSD is trading bearish, down from 1.34 high and unfolding a bigger impulse.
E NZDUSD - Break Lower Indicates More Weakness
Daily chart of NZDUSD is showing a clear break below the lower EW triangle line at the 0.6500 region, which is an indication that a big correction in wave B is completed, and that a new five-wave drop for wave C is underway.
E S&P 500 - Are Stocks Ready To Fall
The S&P 500 is in a bear market rally, which can be unfolding a flat correction within a higher degree wave B).
E GBP/AUD And GBP/NZD - Bears Taking Control Long-Term
Today let us look at some cross pairs, GBP/AUD and GBP/NZD, and their positive correlation.
E EUR/USD And Bitcoin - Bulls Expected On Both Markets
Today we will take a look at the EURUSD and its intra-day developments.
Elliott Waves May Cause New Drop On Stocks And The USD
German DAX is dropping and can be unfolding a wave 3/C from the 12600 high.
Stats And Elliott Waves Suggest Weak USD In August
Based on past data on USD Index since 2015, we can assume that August will be another bearish month for the currency.
E Platinum - Further Bearish Activity Expected, Below 820
Platinum is unfolding a five-wave drop down from the 890 area, which is first sign of a completed higher degree (a)-(b)-(c) pullback, and that a change in trend is in progress.
E NZD And AUD Versus The Canadian Dollar In Anticipated Turn Around
Other commodity currencies against the Canadian dollar can be now losing strength as we see both NZD and AUD dropping against the CAD.
1 to 16 of 473 Posts
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