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E Bitcoin Cash Turning Lower
Quick update on BCH/USD with Elliott wave theory.
E German Bund In A Bearish Turn
A bigger, five-wave recovery on Bund which started in 2018 can be finished, as price made a sharp turn lower from the 181.86 level.
E EUR/JPY Can Turn Up After Completing Multi-Year Triangle
EUR/JPY has been trading sideways, choppy, overlapping, and in a contracting range since 2008, which made us think that a triangle consolidation was in action within a higher degree blue wave B correction.
E Copper In A Bull Move
Copper is bullish up from March of 2020. We see blue waves 1 and 2 completed of a new cycle, so current strong bullish move from 2.36 level can be a higher degree wave 3 in action, which still has some room to fill.
E USD/JPY Looking Bullish Near-Term
USD/JPY started recovering from the 101.16 level, giving us first evidence of a completed higher degree wave C), and that a new, three-wave A-B-C rise for a leg D) is in play.
E EUR/JPY Looking Bullish Near-Term
EUR/JPY made a bigger, three-wave, A-B-C drop, and found a low at the 114.44 level for a higher degree wave Y.
E AUD/NZD Looking Bullish Near-Term
AUD/NZD made a sharp recovery in 2020, up from 0.999 level, which is a suggestion that the trend can be changing to bullish mode.
E EUR/AUD Eyeing Mid-Term Correction
EUR/AUD is falling sharply since March when pair found a top at 1.98 level from where we see an impulsive price movement.
E S&P500 Looking Bullish Mid-Term
S&P500 made a five-wave rise from the 2185 level, where a higher degree wave correction found support. The rally can be an indication of where the trend can be going: to the upside.
E EOS/USD In A Bear Market
EOS/USD can be trading in a big, bearish move labeled as a wave c, down from 2.90 level.
E ETH/USD Can Turn Into A Temporary Correction
Ethereum was stronger than BTC in the last couple of days and it made a five-wave cycle from the lows, ideally into a wave A/1.
E EUR/JPY Targeting Above 122.11 Bullish Level
EUR/JPY completed a five-wave recovery from end of May, indicating that trend can be turning into bullish mode.
E USD/TRY Can See Resistance At 6.9/7.0 Zone
USD/TRY made a five-wave decline from the 7.265 high, which we labeled it as a wave A of a higher degree.
E Gold Intraday Update
Gold is in a five-wave recovery, up from 1704 swing low.
E GBP/NZD In A Bear Market
GBP/NZD is unfolding a wave C as part of a bigger, bearish reversal, down from March high.
E USD/CHF Is Bullish Near-Term
USD/CHF completed a seven-swing correction within a bigger leg E at the 0.918 level, from where a sharp recovery started developing.
1 to 16 of 515 Posts
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