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E Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Elliott Wave Analysis
We can see a solid, strong bounce in the Crypto market, but we have three waves up on the intraday basis at the moment, so no confirmation for the bottom yet, and watch out for another decline
E Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis
Looking at Bitcoin seems like it can be still trading within a bearish triangle formation where wave E is still missing, but other major ALTcoins look very bearish within a five-wave cycle.
E Pound (GBP) Seems Weaker - Elliott Wave Analysis
With strong USD across the board and another 11k covid cases in the UK, the pound is continue to weaken.
E Ripple - XRPUSD Is Searching For A Bottom
We are still tracking a five-wave decline in XRPUSD within wave C, where current consolidation can be a part of a bearish triangle.
E Bitcoin - BTC/USD Elliott Wave Analysis
Bitcoin, BTC/USD is trying to recover again, but the wave structure still looks slow and corrective, so we are still tracking a correction, but at this stage, we are observing two counts.
E EUR/USD Eyes Higher
EUR/USD has a very tricky structure but can be bullish if 1.2140 support will hold, but we need a rise and daily close above 1.2220 to confirm a bullish continuation.
E Bitcoin & Ripple - Look Towards More Downside
Cryptocurrencies are trading lower after President Joe Biden's national security adviser said on Monday that cybersecurity and examining the role of cryptocurrency in cyberattacks must be a “priority” for NATO.
E Dogecoin Elliott Wave Analysis
If Cryptos face an even bigger recovery, then BTC can see a flat correction in wave 4, while ALTcoins could be already on the way up within wave C.
E Dogecoin And Cardano Elliott Wave Analysis
On ALTcoins we are still looking for a bigger corrections, but now when they are trading at the upper line of a potential running triangle, then we should be aware of an earlier reversal down along with Bitcoin.
E Bitcoin Elliott Wave Analysis – Eyes To New Low
Nice bull trap on Bitcoin yesterday, but we were prepared. As per Elliott Wave analysis, Bitcoin is headed now back down with another three-wave A-B-C decline.
E Litecoin And Ethereum Elliott Wave Analysis
ETH/USD with strong and big decline from the highs which can be clearly seen by five waves within a higher degree wave A.
E ADAUSD Elliott Wave Analysis – Rises Seem Limited
As per Elliott Wave analysis ADAUSD didn't hit new lows, so wave B can be still in progress which can be either a bearish triangle formation or maybe bigger flat correctionץ
E Bitcoin Seems Stronger Than Altcoins
The Crypto market hasn't changed much from yesterday and despite yesterday's recovery, it's actually still down and we don't see any serious signal for bulls yet.
E Altcoins Seem On Correction - Dogecoin, MIOTA & Elrond
Potential flat correction can send Dogecoin to 0.13 area.
E Gold May Break Higher
Gold rose to its highest level in 3 months.
BTCUSD May Test 43K Area
As per Elliott Wave analysis, BTCUSD finally dropped from projected resistance area and seems like it's now on the way within wave C towards first 43k support area.
1 to 16 of 596 Posts
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