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E S&P 500 Intraday Update
S&P 500 can be trading in the final stages of wave 5 where we still see a small room towards 2780 area.
E Euro Stoxx 50 Stopping For A Correction
Euro 50 Index is more or less similar to DAX.
E Correction On Aussie Can Face Support Around 0.706 Level; More Upside In View
AUD/USD is recovering since the beginning of the year, giving us an idea that a five-wave decline had found a low at the 0.667 level, and that now a three-wave recovery is in play.
E S&P 500 Can Face Limited Upside
Stocks are in an uptrend, but price action suggests that this can be the final stages of a higher degree trend and that resistance is not far away.
E Gold Can Face A Top Around 1316/1330 Region
Gold is trading bullish, ideally unfolding five bigger waves, as part of wave C of a bigger recovery.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: Bulls Are Pushing S&P 500 Higher
S&P 500 has recently been unfolding a three-wave correction, which we labeled as wave IV) of a bigger, bullish cycle.
E USD/CAD And Crude Oil Intra-Day View
USD/CAD remains interesting but ideal resistance is still 80-100 pips away.
E Five-Wave Recovery On USD/CHF Points Towards More Gains
USD/CHF is trading sharp and bullish, ideally unfolding a five-wave rally as part of wave 1 of a bigger bullish cycle.
E Crude Oil Unfolding A Five-Wave Recovery
On energy we see price recovering in an impulsive manner, ideally unfolding a bigger three-wave reversal.
E USDCAD Is Slowly Recovering; 1.3400 Area In View
USDCAD made a nice recovery from the 1.318 level, giving us an idea of a completed five-wave fall from January highs.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: EUR/AUD And EUR/CAD Update
EUR/USD saw some recovery yesterday, but generally speaking, I think that EUR is very weak and that weakness on cross pairs may resume as soon as EUR/USD hits resistance, which is at 1.1500.
E Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude Oil Eyeing 46.6/44.8 Area
Crude oil breached below the triangle line, which was connected from 49.36 level.
E EUR/AUD Can Find Support Near 1.56-1.57 Area - Elliott Wave Analysis
EUR/AUD made an impulsive five-wave rise from lows, which means that trend is bullish now! But, after every five waves, a three-wave correction follows.
E USD/CHF And AUD/USD Are Looking Interesting - Elliott Wave Analysis
If from any reason dollar would turn aggressively higher this week, then we should look away from USD/JPY and EUR/USD and focus on USD/CHF or AUD/USD instead since they have a very interesting price action.
E Crude Oil Ending A Bigger Impulse; Be Aware Of A Bullish Reversal!
Crude oil is dropping like a rock, unfolding a bigger five-wave decline down from 76.83 level that can be coming to an end soon as we see price in fifth wave approaching the lower trendline of an EW channel around 47.50/46.0 area.
E The USD Index Found A Top
The USD Index looks to have recently found a top at the 97.7 level for the previous complex correction.
1 to 16 of 406 Posts
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