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Next Week Pivotal With FOMC News
Next week is shaping up to be pivotal. Wednesday’s FOMC announcement will set the tone. Market participants will be looking for guidance concerning interest rates and balance sheet reductions.
E Don't Lose Sight Of Bigger Gold Picture
Gold prices began a sideways chop starting in 2013, and trading has been difficult. Though it has been challenging, I believe investors will be rewarded if they can hang in there a bit longer.
E Looking AT 2019 With A Top-Down Approach
Today, I look at things that will likely influence markets in 2019 and into 2020 and start the year with a top-down approach to figure out the broader economic picture. This approach helps me narrow down my investment theme for the year.
The Bigger Picture
Deflationary pressures are waning and we are transitioning into an inflationary period. Major asset shifts like this need time. It often takes a year or more before the new trend emerges.
Uneventful Day
Since mid-December, volume has trended lower. Some of the low volume is Holiday related – so it could turn out to be misleading.
Gold Cycle Maturing
Gold finished on Friday with a bearish engulfing candle. I think prices topped and we should see a pullback. The severity and duration of the next correction will tell us if we should be positioned for higher or lower prices in Q1.
E GDXJ Gap Fill
Juniors filled the gap and prices could be rolling over near the 200-day. Too soon to know if this is a top.
E Gold Cycle Inverted
Fed chairman Powell’s November comment aborted gold’s expected December low. Prices were set up for a late-November breakdown and mid-December bottom – just like years past. Powell’s comments stripped us of a quality December buying opportunity.
E Gold And Silver Are Heading Into Significant Opposition
Gold and Silver are heading into opposition in the timing band that could produce a high. If correct, then prices could top within the next 1-3 trading days.
E Metals And Miners Are Turning Lower As Stocks And Oil Soar
It’s too soon to know if these are legitimate reversal days or markets simply overacting – once again. Either way, the volatility and wild swings make trading partially treacherous.
Looks Like A Top
Prices are overbought, at multiple resistance levels and reversing. The conventional signs point to a top. If confirmed, I’ll expect a decline to fresh lows and a sustainable bottom in early 2019.
E Next Week Decisive For Markets
We are entering a decisive week for the markets. The Fed, with their December ruling, will determine where capital flows for the next several months. Will they hike next week or pause immediately?
E Commodities Trading Opportunities Are Lower
There’s not a lot going on. Participants are squaring positions and preparing for the December 19th Fed announcement.
E Gold Breaking Seasonal Model
Gold is breaking the seasonal model of establishing a December low. Prices were on the verge of collapsing below the cycle trendline in November, but political uncertainty and economic concerns arrested the decline and gold continued higher.
Commodities Heading To Multi-Year Lows
It looks like commodities, measured by the CRB are descending into multi-year lows. Precious metals typically bottom before oil and the CRB. I think gold will bottom in December – January at the latest.
E Metals And Miners Finished Lower
Metals and Miners finished lower, and it’s beginning to look like their cycles peaked. Juniors look weakest followed by silver. If metals and miners are indeed breaking lower, then those two should lead the way.
1 to 16 of 178 Posts
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