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E Precious Metals Close To Next Six-Month Low
Precious metals have been correcting for about 12 weeks, and I think we are close to the next six-month low. Miners failed to confirm Friday’s breakdown in gold as prices slipped below $1280. The price action next week will help narrow our focus.
Precious Metals And Miners Grinding Lower
Precious metals and miners have been grinding lower for about three months. I think we are close to the next 6-month low. My cycle work supports a turning point during the last week of May. The odds favor a bottom at that time.
E Post-Fed Metals And Miners Breakdown May Be False
What a wild week. Gold prices broke lower after the Fed decision but finished Friday with a bullish engulfing day. I’m beginning to think the post-Fed breakdown in metals and miners was a false move.
Monday, April 29th Afternoon Update
Markets want to know if the Fed will cut rates in 2019. Currently, markets are pricing in about a 41% chance of at least one rate-cut in 2019. They announce Wednesday; no rate hike/cut is expected.
E When Will Gold Break Out?
The weekly gold chart reveals an extensive consolidation starting after the initial surge to $1377 in 2016. I believe gold will eventually breakout to the upside…the question is when.
E Metals And Miners Continue Consolidation
If gold holds the $1280 – $1285 area next week, we could see an upside breakout from the triangle that challenges $1350 – $1375.
E Gold Need Consumer Sentiment To Tank
For gold to break out big, consumer sentiment needs to tank. It dipped sharply breaking the trendline in late 2018, likely a result of the Federal shutdown and plunging stock market. It has recovered and is trying to recapture the trendline.
E Metals And Miners Rolling Over
It looks like metals and miners are rolling over into the next six-month low. Support for gold ranges between $1240 and $1250.
E Gold And Silver In Long-Term Consolidations
Gold and silver remain in long-term consolidations. At some point, I believe prices will break sharply higher. To me, it’s a matter of when – not if. So what do we do in the meantime?
E Rush To US Assets Could Lift Gold And US Dollar
I see the potential for higher, possibly much higher, stock prices if money flows to the US increase. A rush to US assets would presumably cause the Dollar to rise significantly. Gold would rally with the Dollar in that scenario
E Metals And Miners Could Break Out With The Right Trigger
Overall, metals and miners are dropping into six-month lows, and recent strength is just a bounce. We need to be mindful of a potential breakout if the right economic trigger(s) sends gold suddenly higher. The $1310 – $1320 area will be decisive.
Gold Price Action On Edge Of A Breakout
Over the last few years whenever gold approaches the $1360 level, the price action gets a little volatile…even violent. One day the short-term model supports an upside breakout – the next day a failure. It’s like two heavyweight boxers going at it.
E Thursday Precious Metals Report
The negatively diverging MACD needed a sudden surge higher to restore the cycles momentum ... To remain immediately bullish, I wanted to see significant upside follow-through yesterday or today – we didn’t get it.
Next Week Pivotal With FOMC News
Next week is shaping up to be pivotal. Wednesday’s FOMC announcement will set the tone. Market participants will be looking for guidance concerning interest rates and balance sheet reductions.
E Don't Lose Sight Of Bigger Gold Picture
Gold prices began a sideways chop starting in 2013, and trading has been difficult. Though it has been challenging, I believe investors will be rewarded if they can hang in there a bit longer.
E Looking AT 2019 With A Top-Down Approach
Today, I look at things that will likely influence markets in 2019 and into 2020 and start the year with a top-down approach to figure out the broader economic picture. This approach helps me narrow down my investment theme for the year.
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