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Are Retail Traders Losing Battle In Silver
Silver is under attack, and prices are back below the $27.00 level. Yesterday’s gap higher was closed, and prices are backtesting the intermediate trendline. What happens next is crucial! 
Weekend Gold Forecast - Sunday, January 31
An epic battle between institutional and retail investors is unfolding in the shares of GameStop.
Today's Market Speculation
The speculation in today’s market is incredible. Millennials seem to be the driving force behind these bubbles. They stampede from one hot-stock to the next, looking to get rich.
Weekend Gold Forecast - Sunday, Jan. 24
Gold remains stuck in consolidation/correction mode, and this can be frustrating to some investors. At times like this, it is crucial to remain focused on the long-term goal. Our primary forecast expects a minimum target of $8500, likely by 2028.
Weekend Gold Forecast - Sunday, Jan. 17
Much of the stimulus money sent out to Americans has made its way into the stock market. This is creating the divergence we see between “the markets” and the “real economy.”
Weekend Gold Forecast - Sunday, Jan. 3
I’ve grown bearish over the near-term, given the bullishness in options buying and retail trading. It seems most of the “good news” is already baked into the markets and extreme risk-taking leaves the markets vulnerable to a sharp correction.
Weekend Gold Forecast Nov. 1, 2020
The US elections are next week, expect a significant uptick in volatility. The markets hate uncertainty, so a close or disputed election could send stocks reeling. I see a generational buying opportunity in energy-related assets.
Gold Prices Nearing Major Buy Signal
Once or twice a year, we get a significant buying opportunity in gold. The next buy signal is rapidly approaching, and prices could bottom any day. 
Triangle Pattern In Gold Appears Complete
The triangle pattern in gold appears complete, and prices should continue to work their way lower and eventually break support surrounding $1900.
Metals And Miners Consolidate
The last few weeks have been challenging as metals and miners consolidate. When prices are on the verge of a breakdown – they stop and suddenly reverse higher. That happened several times around the $1920 level in gold.
Gold Update
Gold and miners are rallying on news of Warren Buffet’s stake in Barrick Gold. Is this story enough to extend the already stretched advance in precious metals, or is this simply a knee-jerk reaction that will quickly evaporate?
Gold And Dollar Update
The days surrounding Friday’s employment report are crucial. If the dollar bottoms around 92, that could trigger a multi-week correction in gold, potentially severe.
Gold In Striking Distance Of 2011 High
Gold prices are within striking distance of the all-time high set in 2011. It would be unusual for prices to break out to new all-time highs on the first try. Consequently, I still think prices could peak and begin a correction back towards $1550.
Precious Metal Prices Collapsed
Precious metal prices collapsed throughout the week, especially on Friday. I’m curious to see next week’s COT report. I bet the commercials reduced their short positions dramatically.
Gold Futures Continue To Work Their Way Lower
Gold futures continue to work their way lower after peaking in September. The topping process appears complete, and the next wave of selling could begin any day.
Gold – The $1490 Level Is Critical
Gold futures are holding support around $1500 ahead of tomorrow’s Fed decision.
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