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West Point Prof Bradford Says If You Oppose The War On Terror You Are The Enemy

Date: Monday, November 23, 2015 1:23 PM EDT

West Point Professor William Bradford has come out with troubling paper that appeared in the National Security Law Journal. The journal has said that, while it cannot be unpublished, it is a mistake. I am relieved by that, a little bit.


But Mr Bradford exposes the thinking that is dangerous and widespread in America, that we are in a war with Islam. I remember the time that George W. Bush said that war with Iraq was a crusade. Now we know it was just unholy globalist regime change, and it was far from godly sanction. It was one of the most unjust wars ever fought in the name of the United States, as hundreds of thousands of innocent people died, and Iraq was broken so that the rise of ISIS could take place.


John McCain, on video, clarified the holy nature of the Iraq war while running for president, when he said we went into Iraq for oil. Holy Petrodollars, Batman!  




I am reminded also reading of Oded Yinon stating that Iraq was to be broken up into three parts. That was over 30 years ago, and it came to be thanks to this phony war on terrorism. This war against Islam destroyed Iraq, and caused America to seek the same destruction in Syria. Indeed, America has contributed to terror by committing to regime change. The war on terror is simply a cover for regime change.


Our faithful globalist confessor, John McCain said this and it is on YouTube video: 

"The Whole National Security Team Recommended Arming ISIS."


Say what, senator? People who arm ISIS should report to jail at once, IMO. But I know my opinion won't win the day.


One wonders how this arming of ISIS resulted in less terror in the middle east. Surely Mr. Bradford is aware of our fostering of terror. But it took until 2012 for the military to shake the Bush idea of crusade against Islam, when General Dempsey imposed a ban on anti-Islamic training in the military.


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Gary Anderson 2 years ago Author's comment

Henry Kissinger has come out saying in 2017, that the USA must preserve ISIS. Now do people understand that the war on terror is fake and that regime change is all that matters to US leaders and Netanyahu?

Gary Anderson 4 years ago Author's comment

Author's note: Americans were conned by the War on Terror, which masked the real war, Regime Change. And most Americans fell for it, lock, stock and barrel.