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The Fed knew about the housing bubble before it burst but lied and said they didn't: Bill HR 1424 to buy bad paper (eventually called TARP) was introduced in March 9, 2007, before there began to be bad commercial paper from private subprime RE loans, in August.

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S COVID Vaccines And The Stock Market
The stock market appears to be heavily betting on vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna.
S Anxious Consumers, Stock Greed, New Normal And The Fed
Banks are tired, appearing to need a Fed scam, and world growth could hang in the balance. But the New Normal will be protected.
S Trade Wars Are Killing Pandemic Cooperation
Is China our biggest threat, or is Donald Trump a larger threat to economic prosperity?
S The Perils Of The Covid-19 Trade War
The radical right that controls our government is willing to divorce China, and Trump seems to be trying to cash in politically on that line of reasoning. He is also willing to hurt our sovereign ally, the UK.
S Did China Pandemic Endanger The World For A Deal?
An explosive report from widely read economist Danielle DiMartino Booth has gone viral. Did China endanger the world for a deal?
S When Will We Be Freed From Covid-19 Lockdown?
Investors will have a difficult time determining the resumption of economic activity. Look for massive volatility in markets possibly stretching out months into the future.
S Las Vegas And Covid-19 Weakest Link
Las Vegas needs NYC. But NYC lockdown may take up to three months according to Mnuchin.
S Las Vegas Pandemic Disappeared. Trump Knew
The Coronavirus did not cause an expected pandemic in Las Vegas. Hospitals are quiet. See behaviors differ depending on what parts of town are viewed.
S Coronavirus And The Empty Chocolate Factory
Income in a pandemic may be less disposable. There is a less painful solution for the Federal Reserve Bank.
S Trump Is Playing With Fire; Coronavirus Update
Donald Trump is playing with fire regarding the Coronavirus. Even with the Fed rate cut, there is no confidence-building in the face of a pandemic.
S Coronavirus And Trump's Clever Inadequacy
A doomsday scenario could hit the USA and Europe. We hope that isn't the case, but researchers paint a bleak picture. US debt and Trump inadequacy is and could hurt our nation in many ways.
S US Government Escalates Trade Hostility
The United States government initiated two troubling escalations against Chinese communications company Huaweii. Is the US turning against free trade and capitalism?
S Trump, China And Phase 2 Negotiations
We should avoid trade wars and subsidy arguments which lead to more tariffs and a slowdown of world prosperity. Subsidies have been a sticking point in trade negotiations.
S BIS Explains Repo, But There Is More With The Banks
Obviously, Trump woke up a sleeping giant with the banks. He is still calling for lower rates from the Fed, which actually has a responsibility to keep the banks solvent, squeezing the Fed.
S Negative Rates, Climate Science And A Fed Warning
Even if climate science does not prevail with its economic aspirations, the world faces increasing challenges to growth and normalization of interest rates.
S Skinny Deal: Whose World View Is Currently Winning?
Bannon and Cramer populism vs. Ron Paul; meddling in Hong Kong.
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