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Tourism At Risk: Facebook Doesn't Kill People, People Do

Date: Sunday, January 29, 2017 2:29 PM EST

Donald Trump is a gun rights advocate. I would suggest he subscribes to the concept that guns don't kill people, people do. I think that is true. And yet, he is in preliminary discussions to view the social media of everyone who comes into the United States. He should believe that Facebook and social media don't kill people, people do. But apparently his paranoia has gotten the better of him.

Does anyone think that a terrorist would not have a pristine Facebook page if he wanted to come to the USA? Only the good people will be punished. And Americans will lose jobs, thousands upon thousands of jobs, potentially.

Many people would not come to the United States as tourists. Others may not decide to stay on social media. My fear for our nation is that Donald Trump wants to wall off our nation, not just from Mexico.

I believe that Donald Trump wants to make America almost totally insulated from goods coming in, from people coming in, from a healthy interactive contact with the world, and rely on Americans to buy the products made here. He may want exports, but who will buy as his policies alienate virtually every nation on the face of the earth? Where will the American people get the money to buy American products and potentially more American products produced by more factories coming home?

This radical and dangerous experiment could destroy jobs by the millions. This could be the undoing of the nation. We have over 60 million travelers come to the USA every year. They spend more in the USA than in any other nation.

It is true that the Obama Administration initiated a program whereby ESTA travelers, those requiring no Visa's, would voluntarily offer their social media accounts before traveling to the USA. These travelers are considered to be trusted and come from developed nations. However, Trump is talking about required divulgence of all social media and websites all foreign travelers visit as well as cell phone numbers. People may decide to go elsewhere.

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