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Elliott Morss has spent most of his career teaching and working as an economic consultant to developing countries on issues of trade, finance, and environmental preservation.

Dr. Morss received a B.A. from Williams College in 1960 and a Ph.D. in political economy from The Johns Hopkins ... more


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The Mueller Report: Background And True Significance
Few have taken the time to read the complete report, relying instead on newspaper headlines and TV interviews. I have read the report in depth and here are my thoughts.
The Las Vegas Massacre: What Should Be Done?
As is the case with all mass shootings, cries to ban guns are now being heard. Nonsense. The article suggests what meaningful steps should be taken.
The Democratic And Republican Parties: A Recasting Is Underway
Trump was elected as a Republican President. But he is not a Republican. The article suggests that his views are more closely aligned with the Democrats than Republicans.
The Future Of The Global Wine Industry: Boxes, Bulk And Blends
The Global Wine Industry Is Ever-Changing. We Can Expect More Blends, Boxes, and Bulk
Dealing With Opioids – What We Should Have Learned By Now
The US is in the midst of an Opioid epidemic. The manner in which the US deals with other "killers" is examined. This information isa used to recommend how the Opioid crisis should be handled.
Taking Back The White House: The Democrats Need A New Platform And Leader
The Democrats are doing a good job of opposing Trump. But it is doubtful that alone will win them the Presidency in 2020. They need to develop their own platform designed to appeal to voters they lost in 2016. Some suggestions are made....
Bad Governance And Corruption In Countries: What Causes It?
What are the sources of bad governance and corruption in government? In this piece, I examine this question with the aid of an author of a new book on the subject.
Wine Descriptors Reconsidered
There are many wine descriptors, but very few of them help wine drinkers find wines they will like. The descriptors in use are reviewed and suggestions are made.
The Latest UN Security Council Condemnation Of Israel – A Little History
The UN Security Council just condemned Israel for continuing to build settlements in "Palestinian territory." It sounds like a reasonable resolution to me. Why is Obama getting such political backlash for abstaining?
Cable News And Social Media: How They Have Weakened The American Political System
It is an understatement to say the primaries and the election of Donald Trump have resulted in political polarization. I argue that cable news and social media have contributed this and in turn to the weakening of the American political process.
An Open Letter The President-Elect And Republican Members Of Congress
Trump now has an "all-Republican" Congress. It is time for them to start governing. It won't be easy.
Speculation On Trump: The Future Of The Democratic Party
Trump, along with Republicans in the Senate, House and in the vast majority of states level have been given the keys to the kingdom. Why and how it happened matters little.
Trump Vs. Clinton: How Do They Stand On The Issues?
Most of the focus on Clinton and Trump have been on their shortcomings. In this piece I look at their positions on key issues.
Obama's Middle East Policy Has Been A Complete Failure - Or Has It?
The article is a debate on whether or not Obama's Middle East policies have been a complete disaster. I argue yes.
The Economic Future Of The Berkshires
The Berkshires are a beautiful region set in the mountains of Western Massachusetts. What does the future hold?
Why Trump’s Trade Deficit Concerns Are Nonsense
Donald Trump is worried about the US trade deficit with China. In fact, he is threatening a 45% tariff on goods coming from China. His concerns are misplaced.
1 to 16 of 33 Posts
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