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Is The British Pound Topping Despite Lingering Strength In UK Core Inflation?
UK June inflation was lower than expected, causing the British pound to drop. Despite the fall, core CPIH remains on an uptrend. The currency's future depends on Bank of England and US Federal Reserve actions.
Base Effects Add To The Bank Of Canada’s Inflation Concerns
The Bank of Canada hiked interest rates due to lingering inflation concerns. However, markets remain unperturbed. Potential USD/CAD recovery hinging on yesterday's low break.
Why Monetary Policy Was Late In Responding To The Pandemic-Era Inflation Surge
How the Federal Reserve locked itself into standing by as inflation began to take off and labor conditions tightened.
Stubborn Inflation And Excess Demand Spook The Bank Of Canada
The Bank of Canada tackled stubborn inflation with an interest rate hike, reflecting a global trend.
Fed’s Bostic: Still Comfortable Leaning Into Tight Labor Markets
The Fed's Bostic prioritizes combating inflation even if/when the labor market weakens. He anticipates no rate cuts until 2024, sharply divergent from market predictions. The U.S. dollar is still benefiting from a recent acceptance of another hike.
Reserve Bank Of Australia Revives The Ghost Of Inflation Past
The RBA surprisingly hiked rates and revived the ghost of inflation past. The RBA undermined any assumptions that it would be content to watch inflation try to guide itself from 7% down to the 2% to 3% target range.
A Golden Inflation Conundrum
The golden inflation conundrum can send gold higher on weak inflation news and send gold lower on strong inflation news.
Don’t Blame The Fed: The Fed Gives Us What We Want
As I continue to see blame heaped on the Fed for this latest episode of financial instability, I have surprisingly adopted a more sympathetic view of the Fed’s work.
An Inflation Downtrend Quickly Evaporates
Some inflation analysts have enthusiastically contorted the inflation data to dismiss today’s inflation problem. A hot monthly core PCE print brought a quick end to the downtrend that previously provided reassurances.
Kashkari Acknowledges The Fed's Inflation Miss; Will The Fed Catch Easing Financial Conditions?
President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Neel Kashkari sums up the Fed’s collective miss as coming from an over-reliance on traditional Phillips-curve models. These models failed the Fed in this economic cycle.
Did Alan Blinder Suggest The Fed Should Have Done Nothing About Inflation?
Former Fed Governor and current Princeton Economics professor, Alan S. Blinder wrote an opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal that essentially implied the Federal Reserve need not have raised rates to battle inflation.
Bullard Ready To Declare Partial Victory Over Inflation
Bullard's definition of disinflation suggests he could have more directly titled his recent speech “We Are Beating Inflation….But Don’t Celebrate Yet.”
Lennar Corporation: How The Fed Is Cooling Inflation In The Housing Market
Plenty of evidence exists that the Fed's fight against inflation is working. Homebuilder Lennar recently provided a vivid example of how rate hikes have forced the housing market to correct and push back against inflationary pressures.
Median CPI May Be A Window On Fed’s Inflation Caution
if inflation has peaked, why is the Fed so “stubborn”? The smoothing dynamics of the median CPI may be a window on the Fed’s inflation caution.
The Fed Plants A Flag On Peak Inflation And An Economic Soft Landing
Robert G. Valletta at the SF Fed suggested that inflation is finally on a sustained path lower, alongside increased risks for a mild recession.
Stock Market Loves Powell Moving From “Keep At It” To “Stay The Course” On Fighting Inflation
Something about the difference between “keep at it” and “stay the course” significantly mattered to traders.
17 to 32 of 979 Posts
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