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Over the course of his career, Dennis Miller has consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, training hundreds of executives to effectively communicate the value of their company's products to their customers. Among his many multinational clients are: GE, Mobil, Shell, Schlumberger, HP, IBM, ... more


Will Gold Shine In 2019?
The Chinese view gold in the context of its role throughout history. Gold isn’t a vehicle for trading in and out of or even an investment. It is the most secure asset they can hold to safeguard their country’s future monetary and financial standing.
Is Your Money Manager Really Listening?
Most money managers have a genuine concern for their clients however, they can make mistakes. One of the worst mistakes is not listening and understanding the needs those nearing retirement.
Looking For Solid Dividend Payers? What Should We Expect In 2019?
When the Fed bailed out the banks at the expense of seniors and savers, interest rates tanked while investors sought out solid dividend-paying stocks.
What Should Investors Expect In 2019
With our current political climate, the EU punishing Britain for Brexit, tariffs, trade wars, the Fed raising rates, record government deficits and whatever hysteria the media can create – the crystal ball is full of clutter.
When The Music Stops, Who Gets Stuck With The Bad Loans?
Our current economic growth has been built on a mountain of debt. It is unsustainable.
Do Investors Need Stop Losses?
The market is bouncing up and down like Marqeus Haynes dribbled a basketball. Are stop losses necessary?


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Just a few years ago, investing for retirement wasn't all that difficult. You could buy some blue chip stocks or good mutual funds, a few Treasury bonds and CDs, hold them for years, and be confident that your money would be safe and continually grow. Those days are gone, and they're not likely to return any time soon. Today, the return on Treasury bonds doesn't even keep up with inflation. CDs are even worse. And the stock market volatility we face today requires deep research and constant vigilance to avoid losing your shirt.
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Having Money Forever means being able to afford the fun and exciting things you want to do without being concerned about outliving your money.