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Daniel R. Amerman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and the author of a number of books on finance and economics.

Articles by Mr. Amerman or referencing his work have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Reuters, MarketWatch, U.S. News & World Report, MSN Money, ... more

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The Magnitude Of Long Term Profits In A Gold Secular Cycle
Gold has recently been setting all-time highs on a nominal basis and has broken the $2,000 an ounce barrier. It had been eight years since a new high had been set, and this is obviously an important event.
A Strong Signal For A Secular Bull Market In Gold
The first half of 2020 produced an unusual change in the relationship between gold prices, stock prices, and recessions, something that has only happened twice before in the last fifty years.
The Bizarre Mathematics Of How Negative Interest Rates Create Stratospheric Profits
There is an increasingly good chance that the United States could end up following Europe and Japan, and that the Federal Reserve could use its vast powers of money creation to force a move to negative interest rates.
EC Gold & Bonds During A Pandemic - Comparing Two Opposite Sources Of Crisis Profits
While stocks were performing very poorly in the early days of the pandemic shutdowns, gold was doing quite well.
Gold, Stocks & The Pandemic: A Powerful Contracyclical Play In Action
While the use of gold to protect against inflation is well known, it has other investment attributes that are potentially even more valuable, and this is particularly true in times of crisis.
Federal Reserve Funds 165% Of Record Pandemic Deficit Spending Through Monetary Creation
Two extraordinary and unprecedented actions are being taken in the attempt to contain the economic damage from the national shutdown, and thereby attempt to prevent a depression.
The Secret History Of A 70% Market Loss - What A Secular Bear Market In The 2020s Could Look Like
The danger is that history shows us is that once control is lost - it is very hard to bring inflation back under control, and it can be very hard to bring unemployment under control.
The Lucrative Profitability Of A Move To Negative Interest Rates - Pandemic Edition
When it comes to the recession that is being created by the pandemic lockdowns - then the U.S. government and Federal Reserve have no intention of just letting the market forces play out.
Stepping Back From The Chaos: The Coronavirus Cycle Of Crisis In Perspective
There is ongoing carnage in the global equities and oil markets as a part of what is happening, but if we step back the daily chaos - major and long term changes are occurring.
Using Gold & Stocks As Contracyclical Assets, Six Stage Analysis Of A 5,000 To 1 Advantage
The traditional reason for investing in gold is to protect from inflation, but history shows that gold has far more valuable uses than if it were just a mere inflation hedge.
A Battle Of Titans: The Coronavirus Versus The Fed
Many economists believe we are on the verge of what could be called a coronavirus recession where a shutdown of the supply out of China, shutdowns in Japan and South Korea, combine to hit the US and European economies with a supply side shock.
EC Hacking The Economy: Is It Happening?
The Federal Reserve has at least temporarily replaced its former complex and subtle system for making sure the deficits could be funded without raising interest rates, with a form of blunt force.
Funding Of U.S. Deficits By Monetary Creation Reaches 90% In Late 2019
Total deficit spending, the extent to which monies spent by the federal government exceeded taxes collected, was a staggering $422 billion in just the last 12 weeks.
Calculating Your Personal Cost If Stock, Bond & Home Prices Return To Average
Analyzing what happens if prices return to average is also known as "regression to the mean", and it is one of the fundamental tools of financial analysis.
The New Threat To Housing & Stocks From Government Deficits
A new era began for us all in September and October of 2019, with the introduction of a new element that is likely to become one of the dominant investment market influences in the 2020s.
The Housing Market In 2006-2007 And 2018-2019: Similarities & Differences
There is an almost uncanny similarity between housing prices at the 2006-2007 peak and current home prices.
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