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Daniel R. Amerman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and the author of a number of books on finance and economics.

Articles by Mr. Amerman or referencing his work have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Reuters, MarketWatch, U.S. News & World Report, MSN Money, ... more


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The Housing Market In 2006-2007 And 2018-2019: Similarities & Differences
There is an almost uncanny similarity between housing prices at the 2006-2007 peak and current home prices.
HH The Surprising Advantages Of Investing In Gold, A 50 Year Historical Analysis
One of the most common reasons to buy gold is to use it as a stable store of value.
Next Recession: The New Risks & New Profits Of A Grand Experiment
There is a very good chance that there will be a recession within the next 1-2 years, and this could even occur within the next few months.
Will Fed Actions Create Dow 40,000 - And Triple Gold Prices?
The fears of imminent recession have been multiplying, and this has led to, plunging long term bond yields, yield curve inversions and near inversions, and fearful Federal Reserve going into "dovish" mode in the attempt to prevent such a recession.
Seven Key Words That Explain "Stupidly High" Prices
Year to date around the world - including in Austria, Japan, Germany, and the U.S. and the U.K. - we are seeing some of the most astonishing short-term returns ever when it comes to long and ultralong bonds.
Negative Interest Rates In The U.S. Go Mainstream - With Some Glaring Omissions
The possibility of negative interest rates coming to the United States in the not too distant future has been the subject of increasing speculation.
Next Recession - The Robust Case For The Largest Stock Losses In History
Stock market indexes are currently at record or near record highs, even as the chances for recession within the next 1-2 years seem to be rising.
Next Recession: The Case For A 36% Stock Market Loss
If there is a recession in the next one to two years, there is also likely to be another bear market for stocks. Based on their experience over their lifetimes, many investors are expecting a "normal" bear market in that event.
The Lucrative Profitability Of A Move To Negative Interest Rates
"Following the money" can be a good way of unraveling complexity.
Facebook's Libra Vs Bitcoin: Five Key Differences
Facebook released the first description of its planned new cryptocurrency, the Libra, that has been the subject of much discussion and speculation.
Is Your Financial Security Based On A Double Aberration?
One way of looking at financial history is as the battle of two four word phrases: "this time is different" versus "reversion to the mean."
How Fed Cycles Exponentially Reduce Long Term Wealth Creation
The most historically reliable way to create long term wealth is the reinvestment of cash flows over time, as earnings are earned on earnings, which are earned on earnings.
Next Recession: Finding A 48% Yield Amid The Ruins
When most people think about a potential recession and a return to zero percent interest rates - all they see is a double negative.
Next Recession: Concentrating Future Losses & Bringing Them Forward In Time As Profits
If there is another recession in the next 1-2 years, then the Fed is highly likely to respond by swiftly moving Fed Funds rates back down to zero percent.
Next Recession: Turning Zero Percent Interest Rates Into A 21% Yield
If there is a new recession in the next few years, then it is highly likely that the Federal Reserve will take extreme measures in response, with the primary response being to swiftly knock short term interest rates back down to zero percent.
Stacking The Next QE On Top Of A $4 Trillion Fed Floor
The Federal Reserve is currently communicating to the markets that it will likely pivot, and pause two strategies.
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