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Daniel R. Amerman is a Chartered Financial Analyst and the author of a number of books on finance and economics. Articles by Mr. Amerman or referencing his work have appeared in numerous publications and websites, including Reuters, MarketWatch, U.S. News & World Report, MSN Money, Seeking ...more


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Failing Financial Defenses And The Changing Politics Of Money
Bank runs have happened over and over again over the centuries, and they have taken down many banks and banking systems.
Eurodollars And The Other Existential Banking Crisis
Currently, all dollars are debts. But not all debts are dollars - even if they are denominated in dollar terms.
SVB And Collapsing Global Financial Defenses
A major financial collapse occurred the weekend of March 11th - but it wasn't Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank.
An Evidence-Based Look At Inflation, Recessions And Pivots, Part Two
There is a lot of controversy over what the Federal Reserve is currently doing, with many saying that Powell is being much too harsh, and unnecessarily inflicting too much damage.
An Evidence-Based Look At Inflation, Recessions And Pivots, Part One
As we enter 2023, there are widespread hopes that inflation will be vanquished, and that interest rates will fall rapidly as the Federal Reserve "pivots".
Fed Forced To Use Negative Liabilities
Most people think they know what money is. Most of them are wrong - or at least they are for what the U.S. dollar actually is in 2022.
Ukraine War Sanctions Double Inflation To 13.9%
The Ukraine War and the related sanctions have been sending energy, food, and fertilizer prices spiking upwards around the world. But, the war only started at the end of February.
Combining Three Distinct Sources Of Inflation
The rolling average 3 month rate of inflation in the United States has now reached 10.7%. This is an important number as it represents the first time that we have a full three months of inflation data - March, April, and May.
The Historical Case For A 70% Real Stock Market Loss Over 14 Years
The Nasdaq stock index officially entered the bear market stage as of late April of 2022, with prices down 23% from its November 2021 high. These losses have continued into May, reaching 29.3% by May 20, 2022.
A 15.4% Annualized Rate Of Inflation
We currently have two distinct sources of inflation, with the first being the previous supply chain-driven inflation, and the second being the inflation from the Ukrainian War and the related sanctions.
Inflation, Stocks & Seeing A 70% Loss
While events are still changing very rapidly, there is a chance that the war in Ukraine will lead to some of the highest rates of inflation in the United States of our lifetimes.
The Hidden 95% Of The Risk
The current very popular groupthink is that the Fed gets its money by printing the money. The slightly more complicated reality is that money printing is not the primary source. The Fed gets its money by borrowing the money. 
Using Our Money To Steal Our Money
We have effectively zero percent interest rates. This translates to fast and painful monthly decreases in purchasing power that are occurring right now for anyone who has money in the bank, or in a money market fund.
The Money Printing Myth & The Raid On Our Bank Accounts
Where the Federal Reserve gets its money is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all financial topics. It's also vital - because if the Fed is to finance the national debt, it needs to have sources for that money.
Rising Inflation Is Punishing Savers With Deeply Negative Real Interest Rates
The combination of too many dollars chasing too few goods is a classic formula for inflation, and on a rolling average basis, we have indeed experienced the highest rates of inflation that we have seen in the last forty years.
Four Month Inflation Rate Hits 40 Year High
Four strong inflationary months in a row, March through June of 2021, have produced an annualized rate of inflation of 9.18%. This is the highest four-month rate the United States has seen in 40 years.
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