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Baptized into the world of business and travel at a young age I’ve subsequently lived in multiple countries, traveled to many more and built myself a small fortune investing in businesses and markets that I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing due diligence on.

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EC Investing For The Greenwash Bubble
Renewables are not green, and some renewables are not even bloody renewable.
One Problem – Two Solutions…And Two Verrry Different Outcomes.
When we exit this chaotic “fog of war” markets will begin to look around, survey the carnage and that’s when balance sheets will begin to matter, and when they do, one region of the world will look healthier than another.
Three Currencies, One’s Corrected And The Others…Ooh Boy
Currencies always provide a release valve for stress, and the Ruble did just that.
The Wise Man Does At Once What The Fool Does Finally
Further monetary stimulus will only increase the gap between the have-nots and have-yachts further…and that will mean social instability will only increase. Not good.
Fed Policy, Chaos Theory, Shale And Dangerous Miscalculations In The Middle-East
Chaos theory rarely features in their investment banking risk models. That’s because there simply are too many permutations to consider. Where do you start?
Simple Not Easy
Government deficits don’t matter and their borrowing ability will be untethered to reality. The quants say it is so.


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What To Do When Government Data Can’t Be Trusted
3 years ago

Men in suits look impressive until you realise they work for men in t-shirts and shorts.

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You can make a lot of money when things go from awful to merely bad
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Work Experience

Natural Source Group
September 2015 - Present (5 years 2 months)

An agricultural trading group supplying Asia's rapidly growing nutrition markets

Investor, Speculator, Entrepreneur
March 2012 - Present (8 years 9 months)
Co Founder
July 2012 - May 2016 (3 years 11 months)

Between July 2012 and April 2016 led the investment of $35M into 32 early stage venture capital opportunities spanning the globe. Providing bespoke investment services to High Net worth Individuals and family offices via a membership supported group.

JPMorgan Chase
2000 - 2003 (3 years 10 months)
Research Analyst
Lehman Brothers
January 1998 - February 2000 (2 years 2 months)


UNISA; SFA; Australian Securities Inst
B.Comm; British Securities & Futures Authority Registered Persons; Diploma in Financial Mkts, Law, Trading, Financial planning