What To Do When Government Data Can’t Be Trusted

When I sit down to write to you I always want the end product to be great, insightful and valuable. I set out to produce something as sexy, fun, and smooth but sometimes what I get is something that comes out all craggy and lumpy.

In any event I scanned the long list of questions (lack of response due to volume, not bad manners) which I get sent. Sitting in the midst of them was the following:



Really loving your site, it's hands down the best on the net. I do have a question which if you have the time maybe you could answer. As a young analyst working for an emerging markets asset management firm I'm curious what you'd look for in markets where the government data is unreliable. Is there anything that "traditional" guys like us might be missing?"

It made me recall something I wrote waaaay back. I searched and found it.

Six years ago I wrote the following, which I think goes some way to answering this question.

Make Voyeurism Your Friend

Voyeurism is a strange thing. We bipeds like to watch other people, and we seem to be totally addicted to it no matter what our race or nationality. Ask yourself this: What do most people do with their spare time?

Heck, what do you do with your spare time?

Do you watch TV? Do you go to sports events, rock concerts, the theatre? How about Youtube? When you go to the beach, do you find yourself watching people? Ok, sure the pretty girls or the ripped guys get more looks than others but what is certain is that we like people-watching. Watch the excellent movie "Middle Men" to get to the root of human motivation. Porn - the ultimate in voyeurism - is the most searched topic on the Net for a good reason.

What I’d like to propose is putting your people-watching skills to use. When traveling to a new country, instead of letting your mind wander aimlessly or spending your time head-bowed staring at your phone, ask yourself some questions as you people watch.

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Ayelet Wolf 4 years ago Member's comment

Fascinating take, yet so true.

Chris MacIntosh 4 years ago Author's comment

Men in suits look impressive until you realise they work for men in t-shirts and shorts.

Danny Straus 4 years ago Member's comment

So true, I'm aiming to eventually be one of theose guys!

Craig Richards 4 years ago Member's comment

I think it's ironic how, it order to get away with not even owning a tie in the business world, one need to be incredibly successful. Steve Jobs was able to wear the same black turtle neck all the time, Mark Zuckerberg can get away with wearing a hoodie every day, but I'd get fired if I did either.