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Baptized into the world of business and travel at a young age I’ve subsequently lived in multiple countries, traveled to many more and built myself a small fortune investing in businesses and markets that I spend an extraordinary amount of time doing due diligence on.

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Fed Policy, Chaos Theory, Shale And Dangerous Miscalculations In The Middle-East
Chaos theory rarely features in their investment banking risk models. That’s because there simply are too many permutations to consider. Where do you start?
Simple Not Easy
Government deficits don’t matter and their borrowing ability will be untethered to reality. The quants say it is so.
Bitcoin - The Next Best Risk Reward Asset To Own
Lessons from the Russian ruble collapse and what it may tell us about bitcoin
Macro Hedge Funds: Creating The Right Mix Of Assets
Gold and silver look to have broken out of long boring trading ranges. Technically, they look bullish.
A 21 Sigma Move. Happening Right Now.
It starts with a trickle. Then a rush. And then a flood.
As Gold Nudges Higher…
The central banks have built something far, far worse than the almighty mess that Goldman & co. built going into the GFC. And now they’ve spent the last 6 years loading up on gold.
The Hardest Thing To Do
Tobacco was feared, hated, and disgraced. And yet tobacco stocks have been one of the greatest investments over the last 20 years.
EC Hold My Beer
I think SoftBank is potentially the “Lehman of venture capital”. Not in the “too big to fail” bracket, but in the “bring down the house” bracket.
What Would You Have Done?
The 60’s and 70’s saw bond yields run from a low around 4% to over 10% at the tail end of the 70’s.
Something Bullish
Something bullish appears to be developing in gold, and we believe that it is indicative of the beginning of a breakdown in the confidence of government bond markets.
Hedge Fund Armageddon
Like all industries, the hedge fund industry is highly cyclical.
While Everyone’s Focused On Yield Curve Inversion, This Is Happening
The past couple weeks pundits from all over the financial community have been chiming in on the yield curve inversion.
Juncker Speaks
It’s amazing how easy it is to promote the wellbeing of people when it’s not your money that has to pay for said wellbeing. Luckily Europe isn’t dealing with a banking crisis. Oh, wait…
One Ring To Rule Them All
Last week, US interest rates completed a multi-year reversal pattern and broke out over a three-decade downtrend line.
What's Your Timeframe, Bro?
Patience is the most important part of risk management.
EC One Word: Contagion
The trainwreck that is Italian politics has always been a hoot to watch. But this time around the implications to what happens in Rome are dire, especially for banks.
1 to 16 of 71 Posts
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