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Chris Kimble is the founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions. His firm provides research for individual investors, financial professionals, 401k managers and hedge funds around the world. He specializes in pattern analysis in stock indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities and individual ... more

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Stock Bulls Receive Positive Message From Tech, Says Joe Friday
QQEW two weeks ago broke above last years highs, which puts it at all-time high levels.
Two Global Stocks Indexes Testing Breakout Levels
Most markets are now rallying, along with the U.S. stock indexes. But the rally off the lows means more to investors when we see major resistance taken out in the form of a breakout.
Crude Oil About To Send Bearish Message To Stocks
If Crude would happen to struggle with this resistance and break support, odds are high it would send a concerning message to stocks.
Agriculture ETF Testing Short-Term Breakout Level
The small rally of late has DBA testing the 2018 lows as new resistance, which presents itself as a breakout test.
Doc Copper And Freeport Testing Breakout Levels
The rallies by both over the past few months have each forming potential bullish ascending triangles.
Mining Ratio Creates Bullish Reversal Pattern At Support
The GDXJ/GDX (Junior/Senior Miners) Ratio can create meaningful reversal patterns and send important signals to the mining sector, at key inflection points.
Growth Indicator Hitting All-Time Highs, Says Joe Friday
The long-term trend of Growth stocks being stronger than Value Stocks has been up for years and years.
These Two Nasdaq 100 Charts Have Tech Bulls Dancing
Technology stocks have been the undisputed leader of the 2019 stock market rally. The Nasdaq 100 is now within reach of its all-time highs set late last summer.
Junk Bonds Experiencing Bullish Divergence With Stocks Of Late
Looking back to last fall, Junk Bonds and the S&P 500 both peaked at the same time.
Nasdaq And NYSE Testing New Breakout Levels
Is a very broad index and the Tech sector in the states testing important price points? We think so!
Tech Testing 16-Year Breakout Level
Tech ETF QQQ is testing a key Fibonacci level that dates all the way back to its lows back in 2003.
Is The Euro Forming Bearish Look Alike Patterns?
The Euro has been on a roller coaster ride over the past several years. The direction has been mostly lower but the Euro is trying to firm up.
Inverted Yield Curve Suggesting Bonds Are Topping
TLT has rallied off falling channel support over the past few months.
Shanghai Index; White Hot Market Peaking
The S&P is off to a great start this year, up over 12%. Yet the Shanghai index is white hot, up around 22%, almost twice as much as the S&P 500!
NYSE Index Suggesting The Top Is In, Says Joe Friday
The NYSE index could be creating a bearish reversal pattern (bearish wick) at the top of the falling channel.
Germany-Monster Bearish Reversal This Week
The DAX looks to have created a double top last year as it kissed the underside of the rising channel. After the double top, a bearish divergence with the S&P 500 has been taking place.
1 to 16 of 1063 Posts
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