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Chris Kimble is the founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions. His firm provides research for individual investors, financial professionals, 401k managers and hedge funds around the world. He specializes in pattern analysis in stock indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities and individual ... more


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Red Hot China Attempting Key Breakout, Says Joe Friday
China ETF (FXI) has been “Red Hot” of late? Is it about to run out of steam or will it remain on fire going forward?
Tech Experiencing A 20-Year Breakout, While Small Caps Are Near 20-Year Lows
Successful investors are often rewarded by owning strength and avoiding weakness.
Here’s Why QQQ And Large Cap Tech Stocks May Rally Another 10%
The long-term trend for large-cap tech stocks remains strongly in place. And despite the steep rally out of the March lows, the index may be headed 10 percent higher.
Shangai Index Soars Higher, Testing 11-Year Breakout Level
The Shanghai index trend continues to send a bullish message, as it has created a series of higher lows for the past 24-years above line (1).
Nasdaq 100 Relative Strength Testing 2000 Highs
The tech bubble didn’t end well. But it did tell us that the world was shifting into the technology age. Since the Nasdaq 100 bottomed in 2002, the broader markets have turned over leadership to the technology sector.
Largest Bearish Reversal Pattern In 20-Years Forming?
Is the New York Stock Exchange Index (NYSE) sending one of the largest bearish messages in years? Possible.
Banks Could Be Sending An Ominous Warning To Investors, Says Joe Friday
When the economy is humming along, the stock market tends to out-perform. And one sign of a strong economy is a healthy banking sector.
Commodity Bulls Are Eyeing Important Currency Market Tests
The US Dollar sell-off and subsequent rallies in the Euro and Aussie Dollar have given commodity bulls reason to watch the forex and be hopeful.
Gold Miners About To Spring Much Higher Off This?
For the first time in years, Gold Miners ETF (GDX) is attempting to use old resistance as a price point to spring higher off.
Gold Bulls Eyeing Potential Cup And Handle Pattern
The slow and steady rise in gold prices over the past four years has seen Gold recover a majority of its losses since the 2011 highs. It’s also helped to form a potentially bullish price pattern: the Cup and Handle pattern.
Banks About To Get Fried? Possible If This Gives Way
XLF has remained inside of bullish rising channel for the past 5-years. Weakness took it below the bottom of the channel during the February/March declines.
Dow Jones Is Having A “Stare Down” With Important Resistance
Is the Dow having a “Stare Down” with a key Fibonacci resistance level that was created by the 2007 highs and 2009 lows? Sure looks to be.
Bank Index Could Be Creating Large Bearish Pattern, Says Joe Friday
Are Banks going to end the month with a large bearish pattern just below dual resistance? Possible, yet the month is far from over.
S&P 500 Tests Monthly Highs, As Dumb Money Confidence Is Very High
The S&P 500 is testing the December 2019 and January 2020 monthly closing levels.
Strong Leadership (Semiconductors) Attempting Breakout To All-Time Highs
Strong leadership is attempting to break out to new all-time highs. If it is successful, it sends a positive message to the broad markets.
Banks Peaking As They Kiss 7-Year Resistance?
The Bank index has been weaker than the broad market since January of 2018, where it attempted a breakout of its rising channel.
1 to 16 of 1241 Posts
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