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Chris Kimble is the founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions. His firm provides research for individual investors, financial professionals, 401k managers and hedge funds around the world. He specializes in pattern analysis in stock indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities and individual ... more


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Oil Stocks Counter-Trend Rally Over Should Support Break, Says Joe Friday
A look at the long-term monthly chart of the Oil Services Sector ETF OIH.
Are Commodities Double Topping After Historic Run?
A look at some long-term charts of key commodities and why we should be watching for potential topping formations.
Dow Theory Indices All Declining From Trend Resistance
A look at four key indices that make up a more broad-based Dow Theory.
Nasdaq Composite Declines Into Must-Hold Price Support
A look at a long-term “weekly” chart of the Nasdaq Composite.
Why Doc Copper Is About To Experience A Big Move
Copper is testing resistance. It’s still in question whether the two longer wicks will produce a double top, or whether this is part of a bullish consolidation construct between $4 and $5.
Silver Trying To Hold Key Price Support Level
With the US Dollar Index trading over 100, precious metals prices have stalled out.
Bullish Pattern Could Send Gold Prices Much Higher, Says Joe Friday
While gold has traded sideways to lower, bullish investors have simply sat tight, waiting for a bigger move.
Stock Market Bulls Hope Leader Of All Leaders Can Hold Support
For much of the decade-plus bull market, tech stocks lead the way. And within that arena, the semiconductors were leaders.
Can Treasury Bonds (TLT) Reverse Higher From Historic Oversold Level?
It’s been an ugly couple of year for US Treasury Bonds and T-bond prices have dropped sharply as yields have risen. Could TLT form an bullish reversal this month?
Are US Dollar, Euro About To Upend Financial Markets?
The past several months have seen the US Dollar Index rally once more, pushing King Dollar up to a retest of multi-year highs.
Will Gold Miners (GDX) Decline Find Support At $30?
GDX has come down sharply of late. But what’s important to note here is that the Gold Miners are testing critical price support.
Unique Commodities Indicator Pointing To Treasury Bonds Rally
A look at the Copper/Gold price ratio graphed against the 10-year Treasury bond yield.
Walmart’s Stock Decline Hits Major Price Support….Bulls Hoping So
Walmart has been trading inside a rising channel for the majority of the past seven years.
Microstrategy Stock Crash Gets Crypto Bulls Attention, Key Support Test In Play!
MSTR has been trading within a rising trend channel for the past two decades. And after hitting the topside of the channel and its 61% Fib retrace of all-time highs, Microstrategy’s stock price has fallen 90%.
Is The Commodities Bull Market Nearing Another Breakout Buy Signal?
Commodities have been one of the few winners in 2022. But with elevated commodity prices, consumers are now left with an ugly dose of inflation on everyday costs.
S&P 500 Reversal Comes At Important Fibonacci Resistance
Today’s chart takes a long-term “monthly” look at the S&P 500. For this particular analysis, we take the lows from 2009 and 2020 marked by each (1) and use applied Fibonacci.
1 to 16 of 1483 Posts
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