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Chris Kimble is the founder and CEO of Kimble Charting Solutions. His firm provides research for individual investors, financial professionals, 401k managers and hedge funds around the world. He specializes in pattern analysis in stock indexes, bonds, currencies, commodities and individual ... more

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Gold & Silver Mining Stocks Testing Monster Long-Term Bullish Breakout Level
Gold is up over 9 percent in 2020 and over 35 percent in the past 18 months. Silver is up nearly 4 percent in 2020 and over 25 percent in the past 18 months.
Apple Facing Very Important Breakout Test, Says Joe Friday
The trend for Apple is definitely higher. Is Apple facing a key price test to determine if the trend remains the same?
King Dollar Going To Lose Strength Here? Gold & Silver Hope So
Is King $ and the Euro facing important breakout/breakdown tests at the same time?
Gold Breaking Out From Another 10-Year Falling Channel?
Over the past 10-years, Gold looks to have created another falling channel. The rally over the past few years has Gold testing the top of another 10-year falling channel.
Tech Leader Facing Important Long-Term Breakout Test
Since the 2009 lows, Semiconductors have been taken a leadership role as they have far outpaced the gains of the S&P 500.
Gold Bulls Hope The Euro Holds Long-Term Trend Line
A long-term “monthly” comparison chart of Gold Futures and Euro Futures.
Commodities Turn Weak, Suggesting Stocks Will Follow
Are commodities suggesting a lack of demand is in play on a global basis? Possible! Could this impact stocks? So far it has not!
Joe Friday; Looks Like One Of These Assets Is Not Telling The Truth
Historically Stocks, Yields and Doc Copper often trend in the same direction.
Doc Copper Attempting To Break 20-Year Rising Support
If the saying “So Goes Doc Copper, So Goes The Global Economy” is true, what Ole Doc Copper does from current levels will send an important message to global markets.
Tesla Completing A Bearish “Eiffel Tower” Topping Pattern, While At Resistance?
Tesla have been charging higher since the lows of last May, as it has rallied from $200 a share to nearly $800! Is it about to run out of juice?
Crude Oil Sending Stocks A Buy Signal For The 4th Time?
Is Crude Oil bottoming for the 4th time the last 8-months? Is Crude Oil suggesting that stocks are at a low about to experience a strong rally?
Is AMD’s Stock Topping? Stock Market Bulls Hope Not
Large-cap technology stocks have been bull market leaders, pushing the stock market higher into 2020. One of those leaders has been Advanced Micro Devices.
Will Junk Bonds Continue To Send A Positive Message To Stocks?
Junk bond ETF has created a series of higher lows since June of last year. When JNK moves higher like this, historically it sends a positive message to stocks.
Bull Case For Stocks, Testing Critical Breakout Level, Says The Inspector
The Fibonacci extension level becomes a price point where some stock market bulls need/want to see a breakout. If accomplished, it sends them a strong bullish message.
Hang Seng Index Double Topping At 2007 Highs?
Could the Hang Seng Index be “Double Topping” at its 2007 highs? Possible, yet not proven.
Tesla About To Run Out Of Energy Here? Short-Term Peak Possible?
Tesla has been screaming higher of late, as very impressive gains have taken place.
1 to 16 of 1164 Posts
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