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Brad Zigler's stints as a contributing editor for the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, the Journal of Indexes, and CRB Trader set the stage for his role as managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and later as alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. magazine, the most ... more

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Online Retailers Boosting ETF Returns
In-store sales are withering. Online retailers are cashing in.
EC Have Bonds Broken To The Up Side?
The TLT fund’s pattern seems to say ‘yes’.
Alternative Investments: Commodities On The Medals Podium
Gold has moved atop the monthly alternative investments (“alts”) leader board, outperforming the S&P 500 Index by nearly than 200 basis points. Gold’s year-to-date performance has been even more impressive.
EC Concentration Risk Reaching Historic Levels
Concentration, like leverage, is a two-edged sword. It magnifies returns when heavily weighted stocks are favored, but is a drag when investors shun those issues.
EC The Real Inflation Story
The Fed’s thumb on the rate scale has set nominal yields and inflationary expectations on opposite trajectories, creating a bullish environment for commodities that don’t figure highly in the CPI.
Gold Miners Too Bullish?
Miners’ current bullishness is a likely set-up for a pullback. Will it be on the scale of the 2016 sell-off?
Get The Information On Your Active ETF
Look beyond a fund’s published alpha.
EC Mid-Year Appraisal Of Alternative ETFs
Most are outperforming the broad market.
EC Two Metals And An Interest Rate
Taken together, they can map the economy’s future.
'Irrational Exuberance' At Play?
After the coronavirus lockdown, one has to wonder if overconfidence is driving the market now.
A Recovery Is Shaping Up
A key barometer of investor sentiment points to further gains in the stock market, at least for the short-term. The Bond market is another story.
This Week In Alts
Three ETFs outgun the broad market.
EC Healthcare, Meet Momentum
The rush is on to develop vaccines and therapies.
Convertible Bonds: Best Of Both Worlds?
Attractive? Yes, but are they worth the cost?
Health Care’s Market-Beating Performance
Several large-cap biotech stocks are in the black.
Minimum Vol Or Maximum Mo?
A momentum tilt paid off during the recent downturn. A certain tilt, anyway.
1 to 16 of 338 Posts
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