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Brad Zigler's stints as a contributing editor for the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, the Journal of Indexes, and CRB Trader set the stage for his role as managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and later as alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. magazine, the most ... more

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Should You Add Tech To A Client’s Portfolio?
Chasing the shiny sector may be tempting, but the numbers suggest there are better options to enhance a long-term portfolio.
Smaller Large-Caps In Play?
Two ETFs aim for real returns.
EC Yield Curve: Are We Okay Now?
The two-way trade resumes.
When Low-Vol Is Not
Strategy may require some time to pay off.
Getting In On Inflation’s Ground Floor
Two ETFs aim for real returns.
Yield Curve Games
Who wins?
DFA Vs. SPDR In Sector ETFs
Dimensional Fund Advisors’ factor-based portfolios were meant to compete with SPDR’s better known ETFs in sector investing. Which approach has come out on top?
EC Ooops! Your Ratio’s Showing
A critical sentiment indicator is slipping.
EC Whither Oil Prices?
The best word to describe last week’s oil market is “roller coaster.”
The Trump Bump Is Kaput
Has confidence in the stock market fatally slipped?
EC What’s The Best Gold Play?
The GDX gold miner ETF seems to offer the least bedevilment: a brighter technical picture as well as greater risk diversification.
Keep An Eye On The Near-Term For Long Bonds
Use pullbacks as buying opportunities.
Dodging The Beta Bullet
True market neutrality is hard to find. Hundreds of portfolios may claim the title, but only a handful consistently deliver the factor.
Inflation? Really?
It's all in the ratio.
Gold’s On The Move
Renewed interest due to … interest?
EC Utilities Poised For Big Upsides
Investors are naturally drawn to stocks they think are set to rise. Utility investors are no exception, though dividend income and low volatility are prime drivers for most.
1 to 16 of 291 Posts
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