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Brad Zigler's stints as a contributing editor for the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, the Journal of Indexes, and CRB Trader set the stage for his role as managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and later as alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. magazine, the most ... more


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EC Mid-Year Appraisal Of Alternative ETFs
Most are outperforming the broad market.
EC Two Metals And An Interest Rate
Taken together, they can map the economy’s future.
'Irrational Exuberance' At Play?
After the coronavirus lockdown, one has to wonder if overconfidence is driving the market now.
A Recovery Is Shaping Up
A key barometer of investor sentiment points to further gains in the stock market, at least for the short-term. The Bond market is another story.
This Week In Alts
Three ETFs outgun the broad market.
EC Healthcare, Meet Momentum
The rush is on to develop vaccines and therapies.
Convertible Bonds: Best Of Both Worlds?
Attractive? Yes, but are they worth the cost?
Health Care’s Market-Beating Performance
Several large-cap biotech stocks are in the black.
Minimum Vol Or Maximum Mo?
A momentum tilt paid off during the recent downturn. A certain tilt, anyway.
Energy Leads Alts’ Weekly Gains (Again)
There’s more refinement to the oil story, though.
Beta Bets Have Paid Off
Over the past week, investors have opted for high-energy stocks in an effort to recoup losses sustained during the virus outbreak. It’s a strategy that’s worked rather well.
Alts Week In Review
Energy partnerships and bear market ETFs book-end the field.
Immunizing Portfolios With All-In-One Treasury Bond Funds
Two ETFs take different approaches to the yield curve.
It Takes Two To Contango
Commodity demand reflected in futures—and ETF—prices.
Winning The Low-Volatility War
Current bedlam in the markets may whet your clients’ appetites for low-volatility ETFs, but not all are created equal: We take a forward look to find the best.
Gold Slumps. Why?
Bullion to regain its role as a hedge.
1 to 16 of 331 Posts
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