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Brad Zigler's stints as a contributing editor for the Corporate Communications Broadcast Network, the Journal of Indexes, and CRB Trader set the stage for his role as managing editor of Hard Assets Investor and later as alternative investments editor of Registered Rep. magazine, the most ... more


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Catching A Great REIT Wave
It’s been a good ride. And it may not be over.
Getting Your Stocks On
A better way to be defensive.
Alpha In The Low-Vol Space
A young ETF, FLLV, shows its stripes.
All OiI Funds Are Not Created Equal
There’s more than one way to fight contango.
EC The Best Oil Plays In 2019?
Oil exchange traded funds have topped the charts this year by wide margins. Unfortunately, many investors shun oil ETFs for fear of the commodity markets.
Like Stocks? Then Hate Junk
Look for market clues in lower-grade debt.
Markets Dodge A Bullet. Maybe
Real interest rates are breaking upward.
EC Stocks: Crisis Of Confidence Over?
Buyers are being quite selective.
Bond ETFs Go Tactical. Technically.
Long-term funds are breaking out.
The Best Retirement Income Fund
Given the instability in the market, can clients rely on these income funds to provide the support they expect?
EC How’s Your Risk Exposure?
A single diversifier may not be enough.
Volatility’s Taking A Holiday
The U.S. stock market seems to have recovered from last year’s not-so-jolly Christmas meltdown. Well, not fully recovered.
EC These Alt ETPs Are Proven Diversifiers
In recent history, AGiIQ, Barclays iShares, and Invesco have been among the top exchange-traded product issuers for diversifying a client’s portfolio, which may help soften the blow of equities’ volatile drawdowns.
Rising Interest In Gold Stocks
Are Investors aware of risks ahead?
EC Do Rate-Hedged Bond ETFs Work?
If interest rates rise sharply, yes. But there are significant trade-offs.
What’s Up (Down) With Stocks?
Market breadth breaks a two-year downtrend.
1 to 16 of 271 Posts
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