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Yale Bock is the founder, owner, and operator of Y H & C investments, a registered investment adviser based in Las Vegas, NV.  He earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation  in 2007 and has an M.B.A. from UC-Irvine's Paul Mirage Fraduate School of ... more


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May Jobs Report Continues Market Run As Protests Explode In U.S
May Jobs Report Continues Market Run As Protests Explode In U.S!
Market Gives Back Early Gains As Amazon And Apple Earnings Disappoint!
Part of being a shareholder is owning positions when things aren’t peachy keen, and the current environment certainly qualifies.
U.S. And China Agree To Meet, Investors Go Risk On Again!
Investors Get Braver as Trade Talks Get Set
Stocks Rise On Trade Optimism As Labor Day Arrives!
Soft Rhetoric from China Helps Boost Stocks
The Chosen One Unloads On China & Powell As Stocks Suffer!
Donald Trump Unnerves Markets With His Comments (Yet Again)
Global Unease And Dropping Bond Yields Bruise Stocks!
Inverted Yield Curve and Uncertain Environment Take Stocks Down
Currency Conundrum And Fixed Income Follies Spark Market Volatility-
Currencies, bonds, and equities are linked.
Trump Talks Tarrifs, Powell Cuts Rates And Stocks Sell Off By 3%
Tariff Talks and Powell Rhetoric Sink Equities as Indexes lose 3%
Big Tech Reports Big Numbers
The Earnings of Big Tech Are Enormous
Big Banks Start Earnings Season As Microsoft Rolls, Netflix Misses!
Market Roars On Powell’s Presser, NBA Follies, And The Earnings Onslaught!
Powell Nods Yes to Cuts, and the Crazy NBA World-
Bipolar Market Tests Investors!
Only Winners and Losers In the Current Market!
Second Quarter Ends On High As Banks Raise Divvies, Dems Declare War On Big Business!
Nice 2nd Qtr As Dems Take on Big Business!
Powell Reverses Course, Draghi Doubles Down, Oil And Gold Soar, And Facebook's Goes Crypto!
Powell Backtracks as Draghi Goes Full Boar on QE while Zuck Rolls Out Crypto!
Drifting Ten Year And Weak May Report Lifts Stocks As Investors Believe Fed Is On Hold!
Bond Yields and Jobs Report Turns Investors into Stock Believers-
Inverted Bond Curve And Trump's Trade Tumult Tests Investors!
Bond Yields and Trade Ding Equities Again
1 to 16 of 136 Posts
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