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Yale Bock is the founder, owner, and operator of Y H & C investments, a registered investment adviser based in Las Vegas, NV.  He earned the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation  in 2007 and has an M.B.A. from UC-Irvine's Paul Mirage Fraduate School of ... more


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Big Week For Equities As Earnings Outshine Jobs Report
ESG movement impacts large energy companies' strategies.
Nasdaq Assumes Command As Big Four Come Through While Energy Gets Pummeled
The great thing about numbers is they tell a clear picture without any words. Consider these figures - year to date, the Nasdaq composite is up 24.87%, the S&P 500 is ahead by 1.25%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 7.39%.
Stocks Slump As Earnings, Virus, Dollar Weakness Create Investor Doubt
Big oil will report earnings next week, along with Apple and hundreds of others. Much uncertainty remains, and you should it expect it to be with us for the foreseeable future.
Banks Kick Off Earnings With Big Reserves As Economy Struggles
In the last week, the largest banks reported earnings which were impacted by massive reserves set aside for future loan losses across the spectrum of categories (credit cards, consumer, commercial, real estate, autos).
Nasdaq Shines As Stocks And Virus Remain Hot
Nasdaq is still on fire. Will it continue?
Stocks End Quarter With Nice Finish As Jobs Report Dazzles
It was a quiet week in the markets with a strong finish to an excellent second quarter. The June jobs report came in much better than expected (4.8 million) and it shows there certainly is a chance the economy will rebound quicker than many expect
Market Regains Losses As Powell Buys Corporate Bonds
In the markets, usually the summer is a time where trading volumes are light, stocks remain fairly uneventful, and many large investors leave the operations to the rookies. There are a few interesting factors which play into the narrative.
Fed On Hold Until 2022 As Market Fears Coronavirus Return, And Portnoy Vs Buffett
Of the overall percentage of investments which ultimately prove profitable, the best investors are correct about six out of ten times. It means they are wrong four out of ten times. Most investors get it right a little less than half of the time.
Market Continues Recovery As Dimon’s Words Soothe Investors
Investor's Optimistic On Recovery as Governor's Make Small Business Tough!
Retail Reports And Economy Reopens As Investors Perk Up
In the markets last week, retail heavyweights reported their financial results. Generally, it went pretty much as expected as a difficult environment helped Wal-Mart and Target, whose online capabilities proved popular with fear-bound consumers.
Markets Stumble As Powell Warns On Asset Prices
Wagering on horses at a racetrack, identifying quality horses can be done, but in almost all wagering cases, the odds of the horse winning reflect the superior animal. The same holds true in the capital markets.
Nasdaq Goes Positive, Malone’s Deal, Berkshire’s Meeting, And Political War
With yesterday’s news that over 20 million citizens in the United States were laid off in April and the unemployment rate sits at just a shade under 15% it is a difficult time in the country.
Oil Goes Negative And Recovers, Market Flat For The Week
This week's market was full of news about earnings, oil and other interesting items. Next week, the largest integrated oil firms will report horrible earnings, and the outlook will be poor as well.
Banks Boost Reserves, Some States Ready To Open, And Next Week’s Earnings Preview
Next week will see plenty of earnings reports from major companies like Visa, TD Ameritrade, 3M, Intel, Amazon, Verizon, AT&T, Netflix, and American Express. Very few will offer much guidance, especially in the consumer-related areas.
Queen Elizabeth’s Speech, Markets Look To Recover, And Pharma Works For A Vaccine
Under the best scenario, government financing will allow workers and citizens to bridge the gap until the economy is allowed to open. Once it does, it will be a slow process to recover, potentially taking up to a year or longer.
March Job Losses Hit 700K, Nearly 30 Million More Projected By May
The United States is staring in the face of a very difficult economic period. With the March jobs report showing losses of over seven hundred thousand, April will be a bloodbath with job losses approaching 30 million.
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